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    I took on a "semi" rescue 2yo dog, who has decided that my carpet upstairs is the place to wee. Anyway I bought some Urineoff and I have bought the cat one. Didn't realize they were different, and they did not pick it up when I bought it, after I had been talking about the "dog". Can I use the cat one on dog urine? I assume that the cat formulation is just a bit stronger??

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    I just mop up what I can then use a combination of bicab soda and vinegar and water.

    Never tried urine off of any variety. Can't imagine they'd be a lot different. The main thing is to avoid ammonia or bleach - cos that smells like pee and will be marked again.

    I think it might also be time for the "umbilical method" ie dog stays on lead strapped to you around the house, any sniffing and it's straight outside.

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    I suggest taking it back to the store and explain you got the wrong one. Check the ingredients to see if there's a difference.

    I'm sure they'd let you swap it.

    I haven't tried it myself but my cousins had and they said it works wonders. They have a rug the dog would pop on but it avoids it now.

    I also agree that umbilical method is a good combination strategy.

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