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Thread: Dog CPR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oskar's mum View Post
    I'd gag if it was my dog....he makes no secret about where that tongue has been!! Yuck!! Unfortunately I think I would be a mess anyway, I would forget everything as well. are safe, you put your mouth over the nose, forget the tongue, you close the mouth. So you can do it.

    Anyway CPR has changed you do really quick rapid compressions. 30 + and if the possible snot in dog nose or mouth in humans really bothers you, just give the cardiac compressions. it is better then nothing and sometimes it can be the answer.

    They are also not so much into looking for a pulse..People or dog will usually give some movement/gagging. Oh and a defib would really be good and they are everywhere now and very easy to use..Almost fool-proof
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    LOL OM.. i share an ice cream with hooch but wouldnt with my husband!!
    newfsie - thank you for the info!!

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    If you right click on the picture you will be able to save it to your computer and then print it out on A4.
    Edit - ummm no, that did not work. When it got blown up it became pixilated and unreadable. Sorry.
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    I added a link to take you to a proper image. Hopefully that works?

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    Thanks bunny-girl. I know how to do human CPR but wouldn't have had a clue about CPR for my furbub! I've studied the info on the link, it's good to know but hope I never need it!

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