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Thread: My poor bed!!!

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    I hope I haven't jinxed myself lol

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    Kristy remember I found your misfortune funny?
    Well I got home from work today to see all my Xmas lights and decorations scattered in tiny little pieces around the back yard.
    Hooch has pushed the barriers we put to block the shed, somehow got into the shed and decided Xmas in july sounds good.
    BUT where I put crib stop he hasnt touched. So I guess thats good... right????

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    Oh no!!! You'll just have to put crib stop everywhere!!! Can you attach the bottle to a garden hose and spray your place?

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    Oh no, naughty woofers! It is probably all fun and games to them, but highly frustrating for us.
    Out of our 3 Huskies our Halli is the only one that doesn't chew things to pieces, but i am pretty sure she is the brains behind the whole scheme. Brooklyn & Compton have learnt their lesson from chewing up big items (mattresses, plastic wall panels, couches etc.), now they go for the little items they don't think we would notice (Tupperware containers, plastic cutlery, socks, underwear, items they find in the recycling bin inside stuff like that) until we walk downstairs to the backyard and they have neatly put them all in little piles ranging from there-is-nothing-left-but-a million-little-pieces-but-i-still-think-it-has-potential to these-ones-are-the-golden-ones-i'm-saving-them-for-later.
    We have caught them in the act of stealing the items a couple times and compton drops the item quick smart and hides at the other end of the house and Brooklyn runs as quickly as he can with the item downstairs, meanwhile Halli usually sits there looking proud of what she has accomplished awaiting pats for being so well behaved.

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