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Thread: Problem Breeding same breed different size HELP!

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    Default Problem Breeding same breed different size HELP!

    i have a male and female Pomeranian the female is almost 2 years old the male is 4years old
    the male is smaller then her he's size is mini but he's mother father brother and sister turned out big like the parents but him and my female is a medium size so she's a lot bigger them him mind you they are both PURE BREED! and since he's smaller he cant reach her or penetrate her??? me and my partner tried helping them both being clueless if theres a breeder secret or what but tried while she was in heat and nothing it failed and we couldn't even really get him to get it in the right spot !


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    lol good luck with that...

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    Why do you want to breed them?

    Are you a registered breeder?

    Are you breeding them to improve the breed?

    Do you have people lined up to buy the pups from you?

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    how do those questions help me? in my problem with my dogs? no i do not have people lined up for them to buy pups i just would like my dogs to have pups both are vet checked and given the okay to breed and i love my furry babys and would love my furry baby to be a baby mama and plus if a female dog dosnt have a litter and not get desex it causes health problems in the future

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    If there is such a huge difference in height then either your male is undersize and shouldn't be bred from or your female is oversize and shouldn't be bred from.
    Purebred doesn't mean well bred.

    Here is the standard for pomeranians: Australian National Kennel Council
    Dogs should be between 1.8 - 2kg
    Bitches should be between 2-2.5kg

    There isn't that much difference.

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    If your female doesn't have a litter and gets desexed it will have health problems in the future?

    Old wives tale I'm afraid.

    There's MUCh more to breeding dogs than wanting cute puppies. Trying not to sound rude but from your response it's best you don't breed... Leave it up to the people who understand about the breed and breeding in general.

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    They will just do it anyway going off their posts, someone should at least give them some decent advice so they do it right I reckon.

    I havent got a clue. Apart from saying talk to the breeder you got your dogs from for advice.

    Though OP, I do agree with the others. It would be great if you would reconsider and get them desexed.

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    i think most breeders are just there to breed dogs sell them and the end and a lot of puppies for sale aren't from breeders they are just sellers that the dog got pregnant i took my dogs to make sure it would be okay and wouldn't cause any problems or risk her life and I'm only young when i was younger my dog fell pregnant twice and had 7 pups in 1 litter but i was 10 at the time? i don't want to have puppies to make a profit or sell them.

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    Then don't breed?
    Sorry if I'm coming off blunt but wanting her to be a "baby mama" really isn't a good reason to put her through the trauma of having a litter.

    Did you know that the ANKC (official dog club) have a strict rule that a bitch cannot be bred on consecutive seasons? Meaning if the bitch has a litter it cannot be bred again when it comes into season 6 months later... One of the reasons for this is because having a litter drains the bitch tremendously. During pregnancy bitches need to be given high calorie highly nutritional food just to maintain weight and keep the pups healthy.

    Dogs do not feel the need to have "babies". When they are in season it is pure instinct to mate and reproduce. Once the puppies are grown up or sold they have no idea that these are thier "children" they are just another dog to them.

    I'm not against breeding... But I am against breeding just for the sake of it.

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    i don't want to breed her just because she's in season i know not to do that and know there is a law to do that and to stop people who only make the bitch just have pups constaly to have pups a neighbour was doing that to he's chiwawa and i called the rspsa a forming them of what was going on in 1 year she had 3 litters! i have had 2 pomerianns before who passed away both of old age and never got them to have puppies plus the bitch wasn't interested in the male oddly enough i just really want to know because of there size difference dose this mean both of my dogs would never be able to reproduce together

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