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Thread: Problem Breeding same breed different size HELP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelpielover View Post
    My PC just blocked a virus from that link.... Just a heads up for everyone else.
    Just thought i would mention that last time i went to that website i got a really bad virus that removed all my virus protection programs... i couldn't turn my computer on without it going absolutely mental... thankfully one of my family members works in IT and we managed to fix it after a few days! otherwise we probably would have had to pay hundreds of dollars to fix it :O

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    And here I was just going to suggest a little bit of Barry White and to dim the lights...LMAO!!!!!

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    Ok, point taken.

    I will not post links to any rescues any more.

    Will notify admins today that they have a virus problem.
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    being registered is no more of a guarantee of getting a healthy dog than buying from a pup from the OP.
    I strongly disagreee with this. It's like saying buying a ticket in a lottery with 100 tickets total andyou have 97 of them, is the same as bouing a ticket in a lottery with a million tickets total and you have one ticket.

    I am confident that the majority of ANKC breeders and MDBA breeders - do the right thing by their dogs and pupy owners. I am fairly confident that the majority of people like the OP that randomly put two dogs together for puppies - do not. They've got NFI what they're doing legally or genetically or ethically.

    And it would be more appropriate to quote the specific bits of the ethics you want to compare - than the whole lot. If you want the whole lot - post links that way we can't get into copyright trouble.

    And when I looked at the Labra doodle code specifically for how many litters - I didn't find that bit - glad they have it. Their code about looking after the dogs and how many bitches one person can be breeding and how much human contact they have - is a bit vague but no better than ANKC.

    And it's weird they'd have something about not being expelled from any canine association but what they're doing would get them expelled from ANKC. I've got mixed feelings about that.
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