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    Default Dog Park Experience

    Hello everyone

    Not sure if there is a thread dedicated to dog park related experiences
    * what to expect
    * what happened last weekend
    * group and discussion
    * etc........

    I'll kick it off - Yesterday arvo took Cindy to the dog park, got there and about 10 other dogs are already around.
    Not a problem, got her inside the par. She enjoys being around other people and other dogs. Me, I just walk around
    keeping an eye on her and having a chat with everyone else.

    Half an hour in the park, there's another staffy came 13 months old male. In some reason Cindy 7 months old Amstaff
    and the staffy had a big clash, like literally big clash where I really need to pull 2 dogs away. Not a biggie to me cause
    first I know they are both pups still and probably just personally clash (first time they met).

    So after separating them both, I got Cindy on leash and hand over the other dog the its owner. The owner straight away
    defended her dog saying that this never happen, I was like huh? dude what are you talking about? anyway I walk Cindy away
    and had a chat with other people who I always have a chat everytime we're there, and these people said to me " oh cindy had
    a big fight with that pitbull", I was like Oh ok --- so I just decided, you know let's go home.

    Amazing that how people react on something that's small and natural to happen. owner being defensive and then other people
    bagging oh because it's a pitbull. end of the day I mind my own business, got surprise what everyone's thoughts. Well that will
    not change me not going back there.

    What do you guys think? or have you been to a similar situation? or do you have other experience? Share it everyone

    Quoted from Hyacinth

    This is the Adelaide city council guidelines

    To ensure an enjoyable visit and the health and safety of your dog and other park users:

    • Monitor your dog at all times
    • Remove your dog if it is a nuisance to other park users
    • Please supervise your young children
    • Dogs must be registered, vaccinated and be wearing a visible tag
    • Dogs in season or sick are not permitted
    • Food, alcohol, bicycles and sport activities are not permitted
    • Please use the dispensers and bins to clean up after your dog

    This is the ACT dog park ettiquette - it's quite comprehensive.
    Territory and Municipal Services - Fenced Dog Park
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    I just took my pup to the dog park, it's a pretty huge park and my aim is to socialise my pup since I don't own another dog and I don't know many people with dogs, he doesn't really get much exposure, so I take him to the dog park to meet other dogs. He's gotten a lot more confident since we started going there and so far nothing bad has happened.

    Although today I pulled up in the car and it looked like a few people were already there so I was trying to see what sort of dogs were in there already. Turned out it was just a bunch of kids sitting around in the park with no dogs and a couple must've got there just before I did and were walking two black staffies up to the gate (almost choking themselves on their leads) and another guy in a ute had pulled up with a staffy off lead outside the park. I must admit as soon as I saw the staffies and the fact that they seemed a little too full of energy I was a bit like "oh great.. over excited staffies, my pup's probably going to get bowled over or get eaten" .. so I got him out on lead and walked slowly over to the gate just to see if the owners would say anything about their dogs and to see how Dex reacted (one of their dogs was in the park, the other was in the gated area) and they seemed to be struggling to keep their dogs under control so I didn't go any closer. Dex was already a bit worried and the off leash other staffy came up to him, she seemed fine and just had a sniff but the owner was yelling at her in a threatening way to back off any time she went up to my dog or the others through the gate. The dog in the gated area had a bit of a snap at this staffy on the outside and the one on the inside was bolting around like crazy (the kids in the park all got up and left at this point). I was very much going to go somewhere else when the girl with the dog in the gated area said to her partner "where's the other dog park, maybe we'll just take them there instead" and said to me that their dogs would probably 'go' mine so they were trying to catch the one running around. The boyfriend of this girl was hitting the dog with the leash trying to get it to stay still so he could get the lead back on. The staffy on the outside came up to Dex again and the owner yelled at her and came over and kicked her in the face and said "start listening" and she laid down and cowered and he grabbed her by the scruff and dragged her back to his ute. The two black staffies were dragged back to their car and after they left, I went in with my pup.

    If your dogs are that out of control, why take them to a dog park where there's likely to be other dogs? I suppose they might've been fine with bigger dogs, but I have to say I was a bit shocked at the way the owners treated all three dogs. All I can say is I'm glad they were polite enough to take their dogs elsewhere (not saying I expected them to, if they didn't I would've gone somewhere else myself) and I'm glad I had the chance to see all that before taking my dog in, if they were already in there running around I'm sure they would've made short work of my pup as soon as we stepped in.

    Another thing I find odd when I go there, is if someone else does show up with a smaller dog that my pup seems ok with, they never seem to let the dogs interact. Like today a lady showed up with two foxies and they run up and said hello, seemed friendly enough, one of them had a bit of a growl at Dex but the lady told her off and I gave her some treats when she was sniffing Dex and then she seemed fine, but any time they even ventured in the direction of my dog the owner would say "off" and call them back and never let them come near Dex. Fair enough if there's likely to be a problem, but she didn't say anything about them being funny with other dogs and I'd like Dex to be able to play with other dogs, but he's not confident enough yet to go to them to play, I think he wanted to, it's the most confident I've seen him around other dogs and he ventured a lot further away from me than he has before there and he'd watch them, but didn't run after them to play.

    I thought the point of dog parks was to socialise as well as exercise, but no one seems to let their dogs interact.

    I also got swarmed by the group of kids who came back in and harassed me to pat my dog and touch him and wanted him to play with them but Dex got a bit overwhelmed by so many people and didn't want to go near them, so it was a bit hard to explain that he was scared and didn't want to play. He coped very well though and got lots of pats and treats. I gave them all a treat to feed him so he got something good out of being molested by about 7 kids.

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    Oskar spends a lot of time on the leash these days, when we take him to the beach. Don't get me wrong, he is a beautiful natured dog and usually greets every dog with a sniff of the bum and a wag of the tail, but he some times has other dogs get stuck into him and my partner has literally had to kick a dog to get it off Oskar. I remember this one lady was walking, she had a younger chick with her and they had 3 staffies off leash, one very agressive, which got stuck into Oskar. She had no control over her dogs.

    Little dogs start fights with him, and naturally he will fight back, hence why he is on a leash to prevent injury to other dogs, because other people usually point the finger even if their mutt is to blame.. Some people do apologise, but there are some rude buggers out there.

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    i havent taken jonah to the dog park in a while now, got sick of the wankers there who let their dog run rampant, jonah owuld never hurt anyone or anythign, but he doesnt know his own strength- so he does like to play with the bigger dogs, most of which are only to happy to play, but there are a few toss bags out there who have no idea......

    also our brilliant council has decided to allow a boot camp to be run in the dog park... so people are tryign to work out while in a dog park, and the dogs arent suposed to go near em....... try telling a bunch of dogs to leave the people running between cones alone.....

    i prefer to jsut run with my boy now for exercise and let him socialise with dogs of friends who i know.....

    he got a heap of socialising when he was younger... though i should find a new dog park to take him to......
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    I'm lucky, the dog park/beach i go to is awesome, especially at this time of year when its too cold for most people to take their dogs for a run. Mostly just regulars who all know each other, although of course from time to time some wanker turns up with an out of control mutt

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    God i wish there was a dog park around here. :/ Missing out on alot for my pup. Not fair.
    No one loves you like your dog does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelpielover View Post
    God i wish there was a dog park around here. :/ Missing out on alot for my pup. Not fair.
    There are a lot of things that you can pick up taking your dog to dog parks and dog beaches. A lot of learning and experience
    you will encounter might be from another dog or owner.

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    Yeah i know but there is no dog parks or anything around where i live and the closest beach is like an hour away
    No one loves you like your dog does.

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    Ah, the joys of dog parks. That's why I never go to them.

    All my pet hates are mentioned in this post: people who have no control over their dogs, people who treat their dog mean (because they don't have any control over them) and also those who won't let their dog interact with other dogs for no apparent reason - that always makes me feel sorry for their and my dog.

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    We have a dog park near our home, not fenced, but designated off leash and safe from traffic and i wandered down there today with my 2 littles. There was no one there today so we played by ourselves and were just about ready to leave when right down the end of the park about 200 meters away, i saw a man with a largish dog i didnt recognise, so thought best we go (just in case), so called the dogs back put on there leads and we headed off.

    Just as we were leaving the park area, i heard yelling and turned around to see this dog ..a pitbull racing at us really fast with the owner yelling its name. Quickly i knew we coulnd out run it, and i couldnt pick up both dogs, so i found a huge branch, pulled the dogs behing me and screamed at this dog PISS OFF GO AWAY and raised the branch ready to wack it.

    I almost had a heart attack......

    And then immediatley this dog, rolled on his belly at my feet, wagging his tail with a sooky look of "why are you yelling at me" and went back to his owner....

    My heart was still racing when i got home thinking our number was up, and she turned out to be a sweetheart, but in that moment i remembered what we saw at million paws.

    When i got home i was telling my daughter about this incident and she said "what name was the guy calling" and I said RUBY, she said, oh I LOVE ruby and the dogs play with her when we go to the other park, sh'es lovely.

    I wish i hadda known
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