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Thread: Heartbroken

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    I am really sorry. It is a beautiful poem and it is clear how much you love your girl. RIP Pipa.

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    I am so sorry it is a deep loss of a friend and loving companion

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogmad View Post
    Thankyou all for the kind words. It's now day 2 since Pip took her final breath and it still hasn't really sunk in I'm still looking for her in the house and I even called out to her this morning when I realized she didn't go out with the other pups, even they seem depressed.
    Was wondering when you have a traumatic experience how do you over come it and get back to everyday life? At the moment I can't drive my car because I just start shaking as soon as I go near it, and everything makes me cry. I have lost many pets in my life, but never lost one so traumatically or at my own hands.
    Everyone is different, but maybe it will help you if i fess up to my major mistake...........It is still like yesterday and it was my fault.

    We had a beautiful 10 year old labrador cross newfoundland..he was born in 1980 and I lost him in 1990, due to the fact that i had a lazy moment and did not close the gate immediately after coming in with the car.

    I was going out again and my stupid brain thought the dogs will be OK and 99.9% they would have been......We live rurally, not a busy road Blah, Blah, ......Well two things happened. 1 a bunny shot our from the paddock into the house yard during the middle of the day and 2. a truck drove past, whilst Josh, chased the bunny out through the gate into the truck. As you can imagine, that was Josh's final day and my fault......

    I loved that dog, adored that dog and I have always felt I killed him....But I gave him a good life and he was my super dog, I still feel guilty and I always will...I am fanatical about closing gates and controlling my dogs. Lesson learned a very hard and cruel took some time, but I learned to cope, never really got over it, but i can now think of him and not cry ( though writing this has brought a few)........I did get other dogs and I do and did love them too....Each dog is loved, but none are forgotten, they are all special in a different way. My Hubby got me a newfie pup 6 weeks later.........I was fuming with him, because I felt we had wanted to forget about Josh....But Jessie was good for me, she kept me busy and though at first she was just work to me and i tried not to love her, she too stole my heart, just a different part. She also helped our Rough Collie who was also very sad without her mate.

    It will not be easy for you and crying I am sure will be a large part of you life....if you really are not coping find a professional to talk to. Everyone deals with losses differently and there is not right or wrong way.

    I do feel terribly sorry for you...{{{{{dogmad}}}}}
    Pets are forever

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    I am sorry to hear about the loss of Pippa. She does sound like a beautiful pooch and I know she will be deeply missed...That poem was lovely.

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    Dogmad, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

    My Rosie has been gone some 2 weeks and 2 days, and it cuts like a knife when I turn around expecting to talk with her and she's not there watching me... but I am finally learning the reality is that death follows life, even when it is least expected, and when we are least prepared. For all of us, human and dog alike.

    Many years ago now, I too lost a dog through an action of my own doing, and you do learn to cope with it. Forgiveness {of yourself, that is} is something only you can work on. 23 years on, and I'm still not there yet. I hope that you are kinder to yourself than I have been with myself, for it does no good; as you know only too well, we can't go back and start again - if only.

    {{{ Hugs }}} to you at this terrible time.

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    I'm so sorry dogmad.

    I know it seems pointless me saying this now but it will get better with time I can promise you that.
    The day will come where you can stop blaming yourself and look back and remember all the happy times without being upset.

    There is no magical cure, there is no quick fix, it all just takes time. You just have to get by until enough time has passed.

    Don't ever feel guilty for feeling better, try not to feel guilty for the events that have happened. Obviously if you knew she was there it wouldn't have happened... That's why it is called an accident.


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    Grief is a bit different for everyone which means you're doing it right and while you won't get over it, you will grow stronger and cope better. Hopefully you will get to a place where it's ok to remember the good times you had and the enjoy the good times you will have with the dogs and family you have now without feeling bad about Pipa.

    It's ok to feel like crap, to be angry with yourself and to laugh at small things, and it's ok to forget she's gone, and it's ok to deal with the ordinary stuff of life, every thing you feel is ok. I find it goes around in circles and with each loop you get a little bit stronger.

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    So sorry for your loss, it is traumatic to lose our pets, I hope you're ok and don't be too hard on yourself ... R.I.P. Pippa ...

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    I am so very sorry for your loss.
    Thank you for the beautiful poem, it is a lovely way to honour dear

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    My first dog that had to be put to sleep. I couldnt walk the same routes i had with him, as i would break down in tears. In fact, i could no longer enjoy walking, as 'what's the point without a dog'? for about a year. then i began to not cry when i remembered him, and began to replay memories with a fond smile on my face.

    Kevin, my hero dog died next. Same reaction, utter bereavement, abject feeling of loss and emptiness. then my husband whispered in my ear, he'd found me a new puppy, and shoved a pic of Bernie, a 8 week long haired GSD in my face. MY heart starting to race again, and within a week, i had a new love.

    I'll always remember my old dogs. I remember them now with a smile and a chuckle. I think that getting a new dog, was what i needed to do. Perhaps faster than the 2 yrs i waited with the first. But each to their own. And had my husband suggested, rather than give me a fait accomplie, i would of said no, its too soon. But as it was a done deal, i didnt have to struggle with that feeling of loving another would be disloyal to kevin. Weird thinking, but that's grief for ya.

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