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Thread: Introducing the new, older dog

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    We have an IG that is almost 6 months old. We started looking for another IG to keep her company. I contacted the breeder and he told me he is moving interstate and has to re-home some of his dogs, so he has offered us our girls half sister. She is 2 years old.

    So our current little girl is very settled, well house trained (unusual for IGGY's) and in general is ruler of the house. What I am worried about is that when these two lived together is that our girl was at bottom of the pecking order being that she was the youngest, and this girl was up the top. I am hoping that there is no friction if we do take her. I am hoping we can have a "play date" before we make a decision to see how they react with each other.

    I could be worried about nothing, but I just do not want the younger one pushed around given that she was here first.

    Do we feed them separately?

    At night we pen our current little girl, would we pen them together in separate beds?

    Any suggestions?

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    I don't think it matters who was there first? I very much doubt that dogs have a similar idea of fairness as humans have. I don't think they really care that much about who leads and who follows either, as long as they know where they stand. So personally I wouldn't see a problem with the older dog becoming top dog when she is introduced to the household. Your little girl might actually enjoy her guidance.

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    Congratulations on toilet training of your IG, they are not always the easiests of breeds.

    We don't get to choose who is the boss, that is best left up to the dogs. If this older bitch has been entire and been in a multiple dog home than she is likely to be top dog. This doesn't mean war or bossing around necessarily. Be supportive of both dogs, give them time to get to know each other, meet preferably on neutral territory on nice loose leashes.

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    I think if it's really important to you that your dog stays "top dog" then you need to get a younger dog.

    But like MAC says, it may not be important if they're happy with what ever order they sort among themselves.

    If you do organise a play date, it needs to be a place that doesn't belong to either dog, ie not your houses or the places you usually go for walks.

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    Yes, always feed your dogs separate. I'd crate them separately too.
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    And I just throw the whole lot together.......I like to meet and greet on neutral ground first. And I must admit if my dogs really did not like the new dog, I would pas on the dog. We actually had to do that when we chose our last Rescue. Pass on one and get the other dog. BUT.........Your dog is very young and most likely will just be happy to have a friend. Also do not get too upset if there is a small little upset, that often happens when older bitches meet young dogs, especially if the young dog is rude. Tessa who is a very social dogs, always seems to snap at young dogs. this worries people who do not know her. But she is just letting them know and they all end up liking her.

    I do tend to be the Leader (and hubby) at home and that seems to settle all the other issues..i am not a rough domineering person (no alpha rolls here). But when you have a few dogs they need that leadership

    We get lots of different dogs coming through all the time, entire, young, old and grumpy...But it stays quite peaceful here....
    Pets are forever

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