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Thread: HELP... I can't take it anymore...

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    As far as I know, Hooch is still a member of BG's fam!! LOL...She is a facebook friend of mine, that pooch is very loved, i just hope they can do something about his fondness of destroying fine furniture!

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    If your lucky he will grow out of chewing. Most dogs do. Mine is now 4yrs, and is still chewing if she gets the chance.

    My advice is:

    Remove anything easily destroyed. Fence off anything that can't be removed, we used garden stakes and chicken wire as Mindy had never shown any inclination in trying to get through fences. Think outside the box, Mindy once crawled under the van and chewed through a wiring loom.

    Give him something appropriate to chew, we give a frozen brisket bone or chicken carcass every morning as we leave. Treat dispenses are also great for boredom reduction in addition to something to chew. Chew toys might work, but only if your dog is interested in chewing them. I've never had much luck with them as mindy only enjoys chewing things she can rip apart.

    In the end, we had to resort to buying an electric fence. An extreme option that we had to resort to when she started chewing the electric supply to the hot water system. A shock is better than a possible electrocuted dog. If it gets to that point, saddle shops sell fences suitable for dogs.

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    UPDATE!!! sorry guys, I just saw your posts

    We packed up the new outdoor lounge suite so he cant ruin it (more than he already did). Thanks to a lovely member here, we got crib stop paste and smeared everything outside (kennel, already-ruined-outdoor-dining-suite, swing, hose etc). Everything that is smeared is being left alone. Once in awhile he reminds us to smear the paste on something else (like a cover for the drain lol).
    Only thing he does now is dig and re-dig all our reticulation pipes and chew them like spaghetti!
    We got him heaps of outdoor boredom toys, different food dispensers (3 of them), bungee chook, bones, pigs ears.. you name it we got it.
    Even when I leave him for an hour, I pile up the stuff outside. I dont think the problem is boredom, I think he just enjoys chewing on fixtures and furniture lol
    So far no major damage!! even at night he stays in bed all night and doesnt roam the house.
    We are absolutely crazy about him, he is SO cute and such a good soul. We have an only child and he is just what our son needed - a best friend, companion, playmate.
    I appreciate everyone's support and suggestions because you did help us go through that awful period of adjustment. Hopefully, he will grow out of it with age. He better!

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    I'm so glad to hear you are able to manage the problem and coping with it so much better. He is one very lucky dog!

    Banjo destroyed half a roll of insulation material a builder left at our place the other day. It did make me laugh - especially as I noticed that she first ripped little bits off it in the garage where it was left as if she was sampling it and then must have decided to go beserk and dragged it outside and really ripped into it. Then I got worried because someone mentioned that material is really expensive. But fortunately, when I mentioned it to the landlords, their first reaction was "Our dog would do the same" and it turned out the material wasn't needed anymore.

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    Good on Banjo for having fun!! lol

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    'bunny-girl' - Really pleased that you are winning here.

    A lot of times it is age related - but it could also be that because he is still reasonably new to you and yours - he is a bit slow learning the rules !

    It took my latest BD - Riley - close on 6 months before he was following the rules - but he was 2 years old when I got him !

    So - whichever way - time usually sorts it out !

    Hang in there - the pup is worth it !

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    Mojo has all the toys in the world...but none of them come close to his favourite toy ...a sacraficial log of driftwood that was once a garden feature !!! Better than my plants getting mauled...


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    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    LOL how gorgeous is Mojo!!! he is thoroughly enjoying it.. love the photo!

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    Good luck with stopping him chewing.

    Just as a word of warning though, I used to have a staffy/boxer x who NEVER grew out of chewing. He died when he was 6, but just a couple of months before that, he chewed his couch (it was his bed in the shed) right down to the springs and wood. He chewed everything, ALL the time.

    Eventually, we just kept everything that we could, away from him LOL

    Hope yours improves with age where mine didnt LOL

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