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Thread: Interesting article about animal intelligence

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    I dunno about that.....we know certain animals are near extinction, but we STILL continue to destroy habitats that house these creatures so we can sustain our own species which is already far too large.

    Ya know, there is all this talk about finding life in the universe and another planet that will sustain life before our resources run out. But what will we do when we find another planet like that??? There is only one thing we will do, strip it of resources and kill any natural wildlife there is.

    I just dont get being so selfish and consuming everything like we do, we are destroying everything that would keep us alive. Its like a suicide mission fom a whole species.

    I dont think we its that we arent evolved enough....I think weve gone too far. We would be better off living in caves and thanking nature for giving us everything we get like we used to.

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    If we were just a little bit better evolved - we could be more forward thinking and sustainable in our actions instead of so short sighted and greedy. That said - some of us are more evolved than others.

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