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Thread: Sickened and Gutted.

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    Innocent dogs are being dragged behind boats and used as LIVE bait for sharks!! Defend the rights of animals! We are asking that the French Government ensure that this never happens again. Here you can watch the video that shows one poor dog being rescued: - Dogs Used as Live Shark Bait - Uploaded by SavePups
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    Truly disgusting. Certainly something should be done to lobby the french government but I'm afraid they are not going to take any notice of this particular petition.

    No goverment is going to take notice of morons who say things like: "stop this or I will kill you" or "people who do this sort of thing #### their mothers". These were some of the comments made by people signing the petition. This is one of the reasons few people take online petitions seriously.

    It is always best to work through existing animal welfare groups and for as many individuals as possible to write a polite letter to the appropriate government department expressing their concern. When dealing with the french government such letters are best written in french if possible as they are very sensitive about their language.

    I'll have a hunt around and see if I can find an example of the best type of letter to write.

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    This one started up in 2005 and has apparently got varying degrees of truth behind it. Certainly the dog pictured with the hook in it's muzzle would be an accidental hook entanglement as hooks through that part of a dog would never drag it's bodyweight - fishermen would know this. Same as the one with hooks through it's feet.
    There is anecdotal evidence of dead dogs being used for shark bait, but any live use is supposedly isolated and certainly not tolerated by authorities - it is considereed a serious cruelty isue as it should be.

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    Nattylou it was the same dog. It had the hook through it's snout and both feet to handle the weight.

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    Except that the one with them in it's hind feet has tan feet and the one with them in it's snout has white ones...

    Here is a link with a bit more info. The campaign may have been drummed up to assist an animal liberation group who was working towards stopping illegal shark fishing in the area. A noble cause indeed, but misinformation and editing can be dangerous things... Dogs as Shark Bait

    Random acts of cruelty can happen everywhere I'm afraid, and animals being subject to fishing hook injuries, whether human assisted or accidental, is not confined to Reunion Island. It doesn't mean that it is Government sanctioned, animal cruelty rarely is. Amatuer fisherman in Australia can get up to some nasty stuff as well...

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    Oh this is Horrifying I don't really know what to say.

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