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Thread: Separation anxiety, new house, and separating dogs.

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    Default Separation anxiety, new house, and separating dogs.

    Oh lordy where to begin here.

    Okay so I have just moved back in with my parents. They have 6 dogs. I have 3.

    4 of theirs are in the house. The other 2 are in a dog run in the backyard. They get rotated a couple of times a day.

    The problem is 1 of mine is absolutely terrified of her dogs... Well to be specific the Basset Hounds. He comes and sits on my lap in the living room but he's always on edge. The other 2 are left in my bedroom and stress themselves out howling and crying at the door, they can't come in because they snap at the Bassets (must be an anti-basset thing lol). They are let out every hour to have a run in the yard and toilet but I just feel awful. They are used to spending 24 hours a day with me and now they have gone down to maybe a couple of hours (plus all night).

    I'm not sure how to handle this one.

    We're trialling having the 2 poodles in a great dane sized crate in the lounge room tomorrow night so they can at least see me, but when we tried it tonight 1 curled up and went to sleep while the other one whined the entire time.

    Should I be spending more time in the bedroom with them or should I just let them "toughen up"?

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    I think I'd mix it up a little bit. I like the idea of a big crate in the room where you are, but have a cover for it and if there is inappropriate behaviour from inside, cover it up so they can't see out as much (can't see the basset). Cover it up a bit more each time they're behaving a way you want to discourage and open it up a little if they're well behaved.

    I imagine a basset might look pretty strange to a critter that hasn't seen one before and new places always take some getting used to.

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    I.m sorry you are in this position Crested, it must be really stressful for you and your littlies. Dosent life life throw mud at us sometimes
    when we least expect it.
    Hoping it all turns out well for you..chin up and stay stong,
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    Thanks Hyac, I'll try the idea with the blanket over the crate. I'm going out today so that will be an interesting test. At least I have built in dog-sitters now which is handy
    Yes, Bassets are very low and chunky so they must look a bit strange to them! Cyrus has grown up going to shows with her older Basset and he still doesn't like him.

    And thanks Cav, it's really hard at the moment but I'm sure once things settle down it will get easier.

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    I most certainly feel your pain CL.

    Having been in a similar situation recently.
    Difference being I wasnt living at the house ( dear friends/hesitant partner maybe ? ) that the Tonk was in. But there were already 3 resident dogs,a 7 month old Stafford cross and 2 tiny Chi's ( one being a Jack x). Sadly there are times we still need to play musical doors as Tonk just would not tolerate the Staffy pup. She just never knew when to back off and with all that Tonk had been through this year his patience was much depleted.
    The little dogs had him quite flabbergasted at first,he truley had no idea if they were really dogs or if we were just playing a nasty joke on him with some form of remote controlled toys that just looked like tiny dogs
    Until the Chi actually latched on to Tonks cheek one day. God love him he didnt react( at that incident)...except in utter disbelief!!
    So for a few weeks he would react rather than entertain the thought of trying to mend bridges.

    Fast forward a few weeks now and with careful,very,very closely supervised small amounts of time spent together , Tonk treats the 2 little lads as a non event.In fact he will happily bounce around playing with them at times. The 2 littlies for their part dont even skirt him anymore,if they need to get to something he is in standing in front of,rather than go round,they go under Tonk to get there

    The youngster however has only just started realising that her in your face,not backing off behaviour was getting very bad reactions so has finaly learnt to 'give' to Tonk when he says 'enough'.

    The fact that the room he was in the majority of the time ( friends room) ...has now turned into 'his' room and should one of the dogs venture into that room then Tonk reacts very forcefully. It is the same when the dogs show me their loving, a little is fine. A lot drives Tonk to remove them from 2 feet around me.

    mmmm , now within that ramble I guess what I'm saying is that just be careful that your dogs dont start feeling they need to vie for your attention or that their room becomes a line not to be crossed.

    Apart from that,I can safely say I felt just as you ( probably 10 times worse-I'm a stresser from way back lol ) but that now.things seem to be settling. They can never ever be left alone together but at least now ,they can co-exist in the house for longer periods of time.
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    Sorry to hear of all your troubles crested.this is a tough one, especially since you are most likely also upset and your little ones feed of that too. I like Hya's idea and it might work . Hope things get a bit easier soon.......
    Pets are forever

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    Thanks for charing Chop, I'm hoping we can have the same outcome as you did.
    We let them in the lounge in a crate while we watched a movie and they cried on and off for maybe an hour, then they finally settled. They are sitting there staring but not whining which is a big improvement already!
    Cyrus was sitting on my lap in the recliner so the other dogs couldn't get to him. It took a while but they lost interest when they realized he was boring.

    Off to bed soon and I pick up a double bed tomorrow YAY! I bit the bullet and contacted my ex telling him I wanted the spare bed, he was... civil.

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    Sorry for your trouble Crested. Lifes a bitch ( can I say that?)

    Is it possible to seperate the dogs using kiddy gates and rotate them from time to time. I know kiddy gates are a pain, but if the dogs have a bit of freedom and can see each other and talk to each other, they may settle down very quickly.

    I would also take all of them for a walk and to an off leash area and let them run together so they can shake hands ( bum sniff) and get to be friends.
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    Sorry life has thrown you a big curve ball Crested. Give them all time and they will get into their routine. Bringing multiple dogs into a multiple dog home is never easy, but unless they are dog aggressive, either yours or your parents things normally settle with time. Best of luck.

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    Thanks so much guys, some great advice here.

    The park sounds like a good idea, especially since they are show dogs and the park would have that "show" feel to it... They all seem to behave better at shows than in the backyard.

    The only dog aggressive one is my little Crested... I wouldn't really call it extreme aggression, he just bares his teeth when a bigger dog gets close to him. Thankfully the Bassets are smart little things and back off as soon as he does it. I'm working on that problem.

    The great thing about being here now is that my parents yard is MASSIVE... My dogs have gone mental, they love it. We had a very small yard about 1/4 concrete 3/4 grass. Well my ex never mowed the lawns so the dogs just couldn't get onto the grass bits anyway. It's like a free run at the park every time they're let out to go to the toilet!

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