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Thread: Dogcity daycare

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    Off lead places - does it need to be fully fenced (I hate fully fenced).

    There is the beach - all day in winter, and before 10am and after 8pm in Summer (when Daylight savings is in).

    There are a couple of all year round all day off lead beaches in summer but I find you really don't want to be there between 10am and 8pm when it's hot anyway.

    So in North Adelaide between Robe Terrace, LeFevere Terrace and Medindie road - are two ex cricket ovals, the one on the west/left is for small dogs and the one on the right (east) is for all other dogs - fully fenced.

    There is another fully fenced one in woodville somewhere, and another on Oaklands road Marion, and another on Eliza Place Panorama.
    Enfield Hockey field aka Somerset Reserve corner Kent ave and Murray street near Hampstead Road Clearview.

    The not quite fully fenced places - most council owned sports ovals share with dog walkers when sport is not on.
    Goodwood oval (between Fairfax and Chelmsford roads Millswood) is off lead when there is no sport on
    Unley Oval
    Bailey Oval (near avenue road and south road Clarence Gardens)
    Hazelwood park (near greenhill road and Glynburn rd) - excluding the playground
    Hawthorn Oval - before 11am and after 4pm when there's no sport on. It's a bit of a mud pie at the moment.

    I guess it depends where you want to live and what you can afford. There's some really nice big areas around Noarlunga and Happy Valley too. And quite a few bigger areas along Linear Park where you can let a dog off lead - when there's no organised sport. Check with council websites for where their dog off lead areas are.

    Do you really have to move back to town. Some people commute from the hills - though, personally, I'd think that would suck.

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    I have no desire to move back to town! But it's OH commuting and I can't really say anything against it. I, myself am working on a fly in fly out basis at the moment. Not mining - but a similar concept. Anyway, the time I spend at home, I'm really home. If I had to leave in the dark every morning not to come back before it's dark again I probably wouldn't want to live here either. So I'm working on a compromise: piccadilly, crafers, etc... mind you it will take us a while until we find something affordable there! But we would still be close enough to catch up with old friends (2 legged and 4 legged) on a regular basis.

    I'm also not so keen on standing around on ovals I have to say. Only now I came to realise how incredibly spoiled we are here. I love taking Nero for walks. Our daily walks in Kuitpo or in another pretty area is actually very important for my own sanity. So I was rather thinking something along the lines Greenhill Recreation Park, Morialta, Belair... but as far as I know none of these parks allows dogs off leash. Where we live are quite a few parks/reserves with signs that dogs are permitted on a lead only - yet, I have never seen a dog on a leash there. Everyone is taking their dogs there for plays and some owners don't even bother bringing a leash. Mind you, some dogs don't even bother to bring their owners! It's one of the reasons why living in a small town has really grown on me and I guess that's not how it works in the city?!
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    Councils are a bit attrocious about enforcing the on / off lead rule. I think I've only seen Charles Sturt enforce ie in Summer there is a patrol by ute - along the beaches and he might ask you to put your dog on lead if it's off - after 10am. he usually comes along at 10:15am - so if you showed up at lunchtime - no rules.

    Many of the Adelaide councils have cut back on rangers and enforcement staff. They're not checking people are doing the right thing by sports clubs who have leased their grounds and they're not doing (new) construction inspections either - scary.

    I think there is a big area for taking dogs for walks in Crafers - not entirely sure where. Stirling completely sucks as best I can tell. Especially if you have a dog like mine that does not like to walk next to a busy road (more than two cars at once). The only roads that have footpaths are the busy ones.

    I guess I'd be driving to Kuitpo.

    I don't know what you do in snake season though?

    I think most of the other places have dogs on lead because of the wild life. I went for a walk with my dog up Brownhill creek - once or twice and I was really glad I kept her on lead. For starters the cars were not doing 40km/h like they were supposed to and there were critters everywhere - like koalas and echidnas - ie critters that can really hurt a dog or can be hurt by dogs. Fortunately Frosty did not see the Koala - she finds them very exciting.

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    Hi everyone, Olivia from Dogcity here. Your forum came up on our website comments.

    I wanted to say thanks for the nice words about our daycare, but also if you are concerned about your dog attending Dogcity, then please don't hesitate to speak with me or one of my team. Lots of dogs are unsure on their first day or two of daycare because it is an unfamiliar environment and going into a big group of dogs can be intimidating. Usually, they will relax quickly because our team shows them leadership and rewards calm and confident behaviour. It is a healthy life skill for dogs to be independent of their owners sometimes.. and new dogs, places and people can often make the owners anxious which in turn, reflects in their dogs behaviour.

    Also, we don't market ourselves with pictures of dogs running through fields.. I think you are confusing us with one of our imitators. Our 600 sqm centre is proudly indoors and is therefore safe, comfortable, climate controlled with more than enough space for your dogs exercise. However, we do promote daycare as part of a holistic pet ownership experience to be used in conjunction with walking outside, mental exercise and play.

    I hope this helps clear up some misinformation and I encourage anyone interested in daycare to come down and see our amazing centre.. we're very proud of what we do and we're REALLY good at it!


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