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Thread: How to stop a dog from barking at people who knock?

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    Dexter's started to bark occasionally when someone arrives at the house. He even did it to my partner the other night when he got home from work. I think he was just startled though as he was asleep on my lap at the time. It's not very effective though, he goes all barky and as soon as the person sees him they go 'awww isn't he gorgeous' and then Dex just melts and goes 'OMG pat meee!!' .. lol.

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    I do one trick with my dogs.....if I ever get stuck on the phone, I "knock" dogs bark and i can hang up by saying "sorry someone is here" I suppose it doesn't work if you are on a mobile
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    Oooh!! <taking notes!>

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    Lmao Newsfie....great idea
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    Frosty just starts barking when I start talking on the phone. I'm fairly sure she thinks I'm talking to her or something. Or maybe it's because it sometimes gets her attention from me...

    And she always barks when I'm in the shower. I think this is because my neighbour across the road has a gift for coming over to ask me questions or give me left over food at exactly this time...

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    I know not everyone agrees with everything Cesar Milan does (myself included) but his method of dealing with this issue seems to be 100% effective. I have used it on my own dog and the dogs of many friends and family members and never had a case where we weren't on the road to recovery within 10-15mins.
    I don't usually like trying to give detailed instructions about dog training over the internet because so much of this depends on the timing and being able to read your dog. That said, basically all you need to do is claim your door back.
    In regards to whether the barking is good barking or bad barking - ask yourself this, do you like the barking? Sammy warns me of people approaching the house with 1-2 barks which I like because it also warns the person on the other side that there is a large dog in here (and hopefully deters anyone with bad intentions). At that point, he hands over to me to make the decision about whether this person then comes in or not. If you decide that you want to let someone in and yet your dog is still barking at them - I would consider this rude and disrespectful to you.
    Perhaps what you can try is standing between your dog and the door - if he stands really close walk into him until he is forced to take a step back and acknowledges you - most dogs I have done this with sit down and look up into your eyes. If you achieve this, you have just asserted yourself and your dog is showing that they are ready to accept your input into the situation. At that point, you can easily block the dog from starting up again, each time they try, walk back into them until they acknowledge you and effectively, you will create a barrier around the door. Dogs don't like displeasing their owners believe it or not (I know your dog has given you good reason to question this) but ultimately, they are looking to please you and keep the pack/family going. Once you make it clear that you are in control of the situation and confident in your decisions about who is coming in or not, the dog should be happy to hand this responsibility over.

    Another dog trainer that I love once said to me that humans have one thing over dogs - patience. Dogs need for something to happen, they want resolutions asap so you can win every disagreement you ever have with your dog if you can just wait. The dog will realise you are more confident in your decision than they are in theirs - and that is how dogs decide who to follow.

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