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Thread: Ticked Off

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    Sneek back there late at night and open up all the cages and let the dogs free.

    Well they do it in movies LOL

    Must have been truelly awful to see and even worse knowing you can't do anything to help them
    I'd call RSPCA too just incase a miracle happens.

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    I agree with Billy. I have had similar experiences with the RSPCA in the past...sooo frustrating! However, I'd still make the call...maybe they can get them for something else eg. no water etc

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    It is terribly frustrating. I agree it is worth calling the RSPCA, perhaps the dogs do not have appropriate shelter from the elements, or they are in poor condition.

    The other thing you can do is call your local council and complain/express great concern.

    AWL have inspectors who do a great job, i would give them a call.

    Is this BYB on a suburban block?


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    That is terrible and should never be allowed. I hate to see dogs treated like this. However, it goes on everywhere. As long as people buy dogs from these....these....BYB's, they will keep breeding.
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    Go and see the local Council in person.
    Tell them all that you witnessed,be sure they take a written complaint/report.
    Council must act on a report of too many dogs in one yard , even in NSW where there are no restrictions on the number you can have,there are still living conditions/noise/certain number of metres from neighbouring dwellings etc that they will take into account.
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    You may need to enlist the help of doggy friends or even members of this forum who live in the same state, preferably within travelling distance of your area.

    It helps if more than one person complains to the RSPCA. This way they take things more seriously. Believe me there are little loopholes in the laws and RSPCA can nail people on minor things if they really want to.

    The next step is always the local council. If the set up is in a residential area you don't complain so much about the animals' welfare but rather about the health aspect. You are worried about the spread of disease to humans caused by the unsanitary and crowded conditions. This often works.

    Some councils are tougher than others. Most require a permit for more than two dogs and if this place does not have a permit or has more than the allowed number of dogs then the council can act. Certainly they can make things uncomfortable for the puppy farmers. As with the RSPCA it is important for more than one person to make a complaint.

    I don't know where you live but if you are in Victoria I know rangers from two different councils who will do their best to close down puppy farms simply by continued harrassment on every minor infringement they can think of.

    Good luck. Let's hope something can be done.

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    I have to agree with Nic, the RSPCA have very limited powers to do anything in these situations, but they would certainly appreciate knowing about it.

    Switched on authorities like to know where these people are so they can be regularly watched - it gives the best opportunity of catching them out and shutting them down. Like Nic and Choppa said - Council can be very helpful (and of course sometimes they can not be...)

    Make sure you talk up the poor shelter issue - as it may be the best one to look at them for. It's winter and their housing may be inadequate. As well as mentioning health regulations etc to Council.

    Good luck! let us know if you get anywhere!

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    Thanks for all your replies, it means a lot. The house is by itself, I would say they have a few acres to themselves, but it was all mainly bush. We are going that way again on Saturday, so when we go past, I will get the house number. I was even thinking of being really sneaky and going in there and seem interested in the pups, and take photos on my phone and make it out like I'm talking on the phone. But I decided against it. But like I said, I will get the address, I when we drive past, I will count the number of dog cages. There were also a bunch of other dogs running around everywhere as well. So I don't know what the go is. Dogs caged, dogs running around, puppies stumbling all over the place. I have contacted the RSPCA before about a dog I saw chained up to a car in Penrith last summer. He was chained up in the sun and left there with a tiny bowel of dirty water and he was so exhausted and thirsty. He didn't want to drink the dirty water. I managed to get two photos, and a photo of the number plate on the car. I sent these to the RSPCA and they got back to me and said they can't do anything about it. So I have had bad luck with them before, but I will try, and keep on trying. I have a lot of dog lover friends up here with me who feel the same way. I will get them to help me out.
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    Finger crossed you will get somewhere. I travel through Sydney fairly regularly if it's up that way so can probably lodge a complaint as well if it would help... any details can go by PM or email.

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    Good idea Ally! and good on you for trying. Yes I have never had much luck with the RSPCA either. One of my mums neighbours decided to go away for a week during a heatwave. Left their old,little terrier outside in the heat, with no food or water. Left their gate open too. The dog was very distressed. To cut a long story short...I ended up feeding and providing the pooch with water till the owners got back (and that's just 1 example). But since there's a large number of dogs involved inc. pups, there's hope that they'll take action.
    Oh, yeah...I remeber you talking about the poor little dog tied to the car

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