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Thread: More info on why you should avoid feeding your dog commercial dog food.

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    I like black hawk but I did find the ingredients were not any better than nutro natural choice. Though there's a lot more stuff in it for joint health. Hasn't made any difference to Frosty's skin problems. The first ingredient is "lamb meal" (ground lamb carcass) and the next is brown rice. Nutro's first ingredient is meat eg dried chicken, not chicken meal...

    Coprice was very good for my old horse... haven't tried their dog food.

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    When they use the word "meal", it is just an indicator that is is that meat without the water content.
    If it just says "Lamb" then they included the weight of the water and you need to subtract that (about 70/80% of the weight) so it usually means the meat product is much further down the list.

    I have used Black Hawk and found it fine but I never just feed dry food and I only feed it in small amounts so...

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