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Thread: Are you afraid of pitbulls poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavalierqld View Post
    I dont agree with you there Lala, she was VERY LUCKY the guy managed to intercept the dog before it reached her. Anyone would have been scared to death, and everyone has a right to walk there dogs and [B]feel safe[/B.

    DA dogs should NEVER be out among the public and other dogs unrestrained. That is responsible ownership of a DA DOG and the burden you bear if you own one...whatever breed it is.
    People should also be aware before they get these breeds that the dog will be more inclined to have DA issues as well, sometimes even if you socialise the heck out of them when they are pups.

    Quote Originally Posted by mymatejack View Post
    and they should be strong, well muscled dogs ... what they shouldn't be is stupidly muscled such that it would inhibit their agility. A proper APBT can leap from a standstill to close to 6ft off the ground or more, imagine one of those american bullies doing that!
    the poor thing would probably break its back, I much prefer the athletic body of the APBT and AmStaffy to the muscles of an AmBully

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Ive been well socialised from a young age. My parents took me out regularly to meet and play with all types of dogs. All types of dogs would come visit. I was taught how to keep my arms down and visable, to turn my back, to walk away in a arch. And lip licking. And this was 40 yrs ago.
    So having had that training in childhood, im now only frightened of dogs that are attacking ME. Pitbulls included. So far, its never happened, so ive not been scared of a dog yet. But i could?

    I wish other parents would teach their children how to read dogs, and be safe. Then perhaps the pits would not be having such a issue with scared folks, inadvertently sending aggro messages to dogs.

    for those dogs that attack todlers/humans, PTS is outcome id like, regardless of breed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mymatejack View Post
    Hey Peter, still waiting!

    oh and as for my denial i'm pretty sure that the correct proportions for a proper APBT have been shown by other posters(and most certainly not those showing american bullies)

    So then why do you want them then? So you can be athletic and not muscular? Go figure.

    Lala your comment about the guys on the beach being responsible is so wrong, no one should have a dog regardless of what breed unrestrained when it clearly poses a danger to others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    I havent read the rest of the thread yet, but im inclined to think these two guys werent bad owners.

    Sure they probably shouldnt have had DA dogs at the beach of lead, but it sounds to me like they were taking some action to prevent anything bad happening.
    They were bad owners because they put everyone on the beach who tried to pass that day at risk. Unless you were fit and were able to detour the long way round through the sand dunes your only option was to sit and wait while they finished their swim untill you could pass and if you tried to pass them to get home you were in danger of having your dog killed. People left having not walked their dogs and feeling scared and resentful about pitbulls. Not the kind of exposure this breed needs but the type that fuels the voting on those types of polls.

    I dont know what would have happened if that young guy hadnt intercepted his dog. I did see another person who tried to pass running from another (they had about 4 on the beach) into the ocean with his dogs to escape. Not something you expect to have to do on a daily walk on the local dog beach

    I once adopted a dog that was borderline DA and in public I walked her on a lead or I found a deserted stretch of beach or sand dunes of which there was a lot where I lived if you had 4WD and let her run free there, always keeping a look out.
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    I've never had a problem with a pitbull, the few I've met have been well socialised and under the control of responsible owners. I have heard a lot of bad stories about them and so can understand why people are afraid of them. As everybody else has said, the problem is largely with irresponsible owners.

    Unfortunately anyone who wants to own a pitbull these days also needs to accept the role of 'Breed Ambassador' to try to demonstrate that they are not all killers waiting for the next stray child they can maul. Any minor pitbull misdemeanour will be blown way out of proportion by anyone who hears about it.

    On a different but related topic, the only dog that ever attacked me as a child was an overweight and under stimulated labrador... the world's favourite pet. Bad owners are everywhere but with pitbulls and other 'fighting' breeds, they can do a lot more damage.

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    I think the real questions should be "Do You Know What A Pit bull Is/Looks like?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keira & Phoenix View Post
    A true to type American Pitbull Terrier should look like this
    Attachment 9109
    Proportionate, athletic, lean muscle.

    The dogs Jadie posted look more like Amstaff's to me.

    But in this day and age breeders are breeding all over the shop and still calling their dogs APBT.

    I obviously voted No.

    Attachment 9110
    Attachment 9111
    Attachment 9112
    Sorry, I did a search and all these pretty Pitties came up I had to post their photos. Swoon.
    Yep spot on with these photos they are what I call a true APBT.

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    So this is gonna sound silly, but my dog Luke stands like Attachment 9111 when he pees

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    ok first I don't like the way the article was written

    "But the stranger's pet chewed off part of Wheatley's middle finger"

    They should have used better words than the above, why? cause this what wrong impression is, people will get turned off straight away after reading this part of the article.

    Anyway - I was not afraid, why? because of RESEARCH and a lot of RESEARCH helped me to understand the breed.

    In addition, BLAME THE BAD OWNERS

    will you get scared of my dog then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    Here is a page with winners from the national by year (in America).

    It's amazing to see how much they have changed over the years, they used to be strong looking, well muscled dogs and now they are more athletic looking.

    National Champion Winners
    Those dogs are show dogs, so yes they have changed a bit from the "gamebred" dogs. They don't tend to have the lean muscle that the gamebred dogs do and are chunkier.
    You can still get dogs that still fit the "gamebred" description and that is my preference.
    The show APBT look more like Amstaff's to me.

    It can come down to who is judging etc as well. Also the different registries tend to favour different types. So UKC often has Champions that are a different build/type to the ADBA.

    This is a great pic to highlight the difference between each registry.

    Personally I prefer the ADBA dogs.
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