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    Work sucks...your best mate knows it too.
    Snooperdog webcams enable you to check up on your beloved four-legged friend via internet from your workdesk.

    The Snoopercam package includes:
    -Cute poseable dog webcam
    -Your own www. address to view your dog (just type this into your web browser and see your dog from any computer or web-enabled phone)
    -5m USB extension lead for your camera
    -Webcam software for uploading your images to your own www. address
    -Easy to follow instructions
    -Your own profile page on Doggy Webcam (if you want to put stories and a picture of your pet).

    See Doggy Webcam
    Australian based company (ships worldwide)

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    could just hook up a $30 webcam and use MSN or Skype...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occy View Post
    could just hook up a $30 webcam and use MSN or Skype...

    I totally agree. But go to the website anyway and check out the "Naughty Dogs" Very funny

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    The problem with Skype and MSN is that your dog would actually have to be able to answer the call, with the Snoopercam all he has to do is provide the entertainment and not be IT literate.

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    Saw something like this on a cat....LOL, some of the mischeif they get up too!!!

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    Ha ha ha ... I had a look at the website and Snooperdog has a YouTube video of someone's webcam recording a break and enter!

    YouTube - Woman watching Web cam of her home sees burglary in progress

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    Hey Snooperdog ... Do you have an example webpage or screen shots? I couldn't find any on your website.

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