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    Smile Dog Caricatures

    Hello Dog lovers!

    I just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully promote my new business. My name is Tim McFarlin. Im 28 years old and live in Melbourne, Vic. I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I have 2 Dogs, Hank and Jack they're both Australian Kelpies.
    I've recently started up a small business creating custom and original dog caricatures.

    (Hope i'm not being too pushy by trying to promote myself here)
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    Yes you are being pushy and also breaking the forum guidelines.
    Please contact Morgan if you wish to promote your business. He is the forum admin.

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    I agree with puggerup.

    I don't mind if a regular contributor to the forum discussions promotes their stuff, especially if they do the right thing and ask permission. And I like if regular contributers recommend appropriate stuff when the forum is asked for advice or info.

    I think it is rude to advertise stuff without being a regular contributor or asked for recommendations on the product. Ie if your first and only post is to flog your product, you're not going to be well received here or any other forum.

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    I am opposite. I dont mind ads as long as they are relevant to the forum and also local (i.e. not some moron in america spouting their wares).

    However, its not my forum and I am pretty sure the rules are somewhere visible so you shoudl check em.

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