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Thread: New Malinois Litter

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    There is a very interesting thread here that commenced with the same advertisement on another forum;
    New malinois litter

    Good luck with the sale of your pups. I must confess to being intrigued about why it is neccessary to advertise them everywhere when I would have thought, being in a specialsied field and with you in security, that you would have enough networks open to you to sell your pups?
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    Hmmm... Hadn't been over to that forum for a while... Some things never change, do they?

    Anyway; that is the basis for my earlier disclaimer re: my personal opinions of the OP... Though perhaps I was more obtuse than needed to be...

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    Thanks Anne, interesting.

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    It does seem that ANKC and RSPCA have different definitions of responsible breeder.

    Though I'm not sure how one would meet some of the ANKC criteria like keeping in touch with puppy purchasers or improving the breed, if one is using blanket advertising to sell them.

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    Default clarification

    Hi again

    Just to reply to some of your concerns on this forum.

    The Litter was bread to orders, but due to the fact that we sell our pups to security and to (government departments). Our dogs don't get the exposure in the dog sports.

    Such as Schutzhund, IPO, agility, dancing with dogs, dock diving and so on.
    I have decided to see if there was any one out there that is currently doing any of these sports, so that our breeding would get the exposure in the private sector.

    All the blood lines are of working character, very trainable, and would excel in any of the disciplines.

    This was the only reason that I advertised and not because I need to find clients.
    Hence the statement that I would give preference to sport dog people.

    If any one wants to see our dogs go to our web.

    Security Guards Brisbane, Townsville Security Guards, Gold Coast Security Guards, VIP Security Services Queensland

    There you will also find a link to our U-tube channel where you will see videos of our dogs.
    All of our dogs are family pets first and live with in a family environments.

    I hope this answers some of your concerns.


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