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Thread: Pure Workingline GSD Puppies: Orry Vom Schmiedegarten X Asta Vom Klüttenplatz

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    Exclamation Pure Workingline GSD Puppies: Orry Vom Schmiedegarten X Asta Vom Klüttenplatz

    Asta´s puppies are born!!!!

    The 30´th of March Asta give birth to her puppies. Dark Grey and Pure Black puppies, males and females.

    Father: Orry vom Schmiedegarten SchH3 IPO3 BSP Kkl1 ZW 80 HD/ED-Normal, MH-tested

    Mother: Asta vom Klüttenplatz BH, MH ZW 80, HD-Fast Normal, ED-Normal

    Both parents have crazy drives and really hard and calm bite.

    Puppies pedigree:

    Linebreeding - 5 generations

    * 5 - 5,5........................................... in V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich
    * 4 - 5............................................. in SG Juma vom Petze

    For more information, make contact.

    The Kennel is placed in Sweden.

    Pure Workingline GSD and Malinois
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    Scammers-Fetch-Online-Puppy-Buyers: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

    1. Why would a swedish seller of really fantastic dogs need to advertise here? Surely their competition performance and write up in dog magazines would be enough to find homes for all their available puppies.

    2. Do they know anything about Quarantine.

    3. Why would they sell their dogs to people like us with no reputation in the GSD field for showing or sport - surely they'd want to sell their dogs to the best competitors to ensure the continuation of their good reputation. And vice versa - the best competitors here would know how to find the best puppies.

    4. You take a huge risk buying from overseas without meeting the puppy's parents or the puppy. If you wanted to go to that kind of expense (including the costs of keeping the dog at the quarantine) then you'd best be prepared to go overseas and check the place out.

    5. why does the website have a picture of two people in the spa as their background - eek. I guess that's what we expect from Sweden?

    6. I can't find an address to feed to google to see what their place looks like.

    Chicago, IL: Search Results

    Pets – Dog Breeder Scam
    Don’t be fooled by a slick web site. Unscrupulous breeders and even outright scams can be represented by professional-looking web sites that lure you in with fraudulent pictures of adorable puppies. At the very least speak with the breeder on the telephone and ideally meet the breeder, the puppy and the dam in person. If you locate a breeder online, never send money without checking their references and credentials first. The AKC recommends that you first contact the national organization for the breed (Parent Club). It is essential to visit the breeder at their home to see the entire litter and the care and conditions given to the puppies prior to purchasing.
    7. Are these people affiliated with any dog club?
    Google Translate

    Sometimes scammers copy legit websites of legit breeders. How would you know.

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    You are bored, aren't you Hy.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Too much effort for a spam thread Hy lol

    You just need to report and I remove.

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    I've decided to leave the thread as to not waste your valuable post lol

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    I give them the benefit of the doubt since this forum does seem to be constructed to allow advertising of puppies etc but it does seem weird - along with that Russian one. Maybe they're scammers or maybe they haven't really thought about what they're doing.

    Removing the links helps people's internet safety - I really didn't get the spa photos. WTF?

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    I would say Hyacinth is right on the money.

    I belong to a working dog forum bristling with working line GSDS and Mals and their breeders and professional and amateur handlers from around the world. They have a classified section for working line dogs and prospective top litters are often discussed.

    Not a mention of this particular litter. And people in a spa on the website of a working line GSD breeder - seriously? I dont think so. LOL
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