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Thread: Looking for Toy Poodle Puppy Male Black ADELAIDE

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    Default Looking for Toy Poodle Puppy Male Black ADELAIDE

    Hi there,

    My partner and I are looking for a Male Toy Poodle Black colour (preferably).

    We're living in Adelaide CBD.
    Looking for a genuine breeders...


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    Do you rent - No / We Own

    What suburb - We live in Adelaide CBD

    Can I have your contact details - Yes

    Can you afford the next 2 injections and vet bills in relatively quick succession - Yes

    Can you afford monthly worming & heart worm medication & what will you use - Yes

    Will you be able to afford an emergency vet visit or will do whatever it takes in case of an emergency - Yes

    Can you clip dogs nails or can you learn - Yes, I do know how to clip dogs nails.

    Where will it sleep - Living room on a special bedding.

    What will you feed it - Dog food (Dry biscuits for doggies)

    Will you listen to my suggestions and take them on board - Suggestions will be taken from whom ever who is selling it to us for sure.

    What will you do if you go on holiday - Send to Cats and dogs accommodation.

    What are your thoughts on how to raise a puppy - Patiently, giving puppy behaviour training.

    My Partner is working fulltime but I'm a student at University so I'll have more time to train the puppy and observe puppy carefully until the puppy are well behaved. Lots of social gatherings with our pet as well.

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    Have you tried Dogzonline? They currently have 32 puppy notices in Australia.

    Sometimes to find the right breeder, the one you 'click' with the best and who has the best credentials you may have to buy from outside of Adelaide.
    Cost of flying a pup from another state is minimal when you consider the life of the dog.
    I paid around $150 for my pup to be flown from Vic to Tas and couldn't be happier.

    Here's the link to available puppies, just remember, even if the breeder looks good always ask questions relating to health (PRA is the big one for poodles)
    Good luck.

    Toy Poodle Puppies for Sale from Toy Poodle breeders, Australia.

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    Will you train it and keep its mind busy?

    Toy poodles are extremely intelligent. My uncle owned a houdini black poodle. He would regularly escape, despite having the most enormous yard to keep him busy.

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    Crested_Love, I'm in Tassie and thinking about getting a puppy and would love to get some advices. Did you go to the mainland to meet with the breeder or do you talk to them over the phone? I'm just a curious on how should I do this.....

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    Sorry I missed your post leila.

    I didn't meet the breeder before I purchased the pup but I bought from a breeder with an extremely good reputation.
    Once you find a breeder you like the look of just send them an e-mail or give them a call (whichever they state they preffer) and start chatting.
    You can ask if they have any litters planned in the future, what health tests they do etc.

    If you would like to buy within Tas send me a PM and I can give you the contact details of some local breeders, I personally know Caratunga and Czamac kennels.

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    I just want to say Poodles of any size are VERY smart energetic dogs & without the right training can have devolope behavour issues. I know this is true of all breeds BUT some poeple see poodles as a lap dog & they can be if given enough outlet for their energy. They are SO smart you must keep their brains active. I LOVE poodles but get sick of seeing them & their x's in rescue because the wrong homes & information. They are also a big commitment grooming wise.

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