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    Hi Everybody,

    This is my first post on you wonderful forum firstly i think a introduction is need

    I am Ram from Ramsan Pet Products we are currently starting a business selling vet lines to the public we buy in bulk and try to pass on as much savings as possible to the customer, all the products i am currently selling are listed below please feel free to have a browse if you have and questions regarding anything i am selling i will happily get back to your post as soon as possible or you can call me on *removed* during business hours.

    Frontline Plus-Cat 3pk $33.88
    Frontline Plus-Small Dog 3pk $33.88
    Frontline Plus-Med Dog 3pk $35.07
    Frontline Plus-Lge Dog 3pk $37.24
    Frontline Plus-Ex. Lge Dog 3pk $39.02
    Frontline Plus-Cat 6pk $57.27
    Frontline Plus-Small Dog 6pk $57.63
    Frontline Plus-Med Dog 6pk $60.17
    Frontline Plus-Lge Dog 6pk $63.29
    Frontline Plus-Ex. Lge Dog 6pk $65.83
    Frontline Spray 100ml $26.36
    Frontline Spray 250ml $48.03
    Frontline Spray 500ml $86.16
    Advantage Kitten 4pk $34.11
    Advantage Cat 4pk $34.54
    Advantage Sml Dog&Pup25kg 4pk $40.51
    Advantage Kitten 6pk $46.40
    Advantage Cat 6pk $48.11
    Advantage Sml Dog&Pup25kg 6pk $56.30
    Kiltix 1pack $10.88
    Proheart Sml Dog(Blue) 6pk $19.02
    Proheart Med Dog(Green) 6pk $22.39
    Proheart Lge Dog(Red) 6pk $25.54
    Proheart Ex.Lg Dog(Yellow) 6pk $28.89
    Advantix Pup & Sml > 4kg 3pk $34.40
    Advantix 4-10kg Medium Dog 3pk $35.60
    Advantix 10-25kg Large Dog 3pk $37.98
    Advantix >25kg X-Large Dog 3pk $39.92
    Advantix Pup & Sml Dog25kg X-Large Dog 6pk $67.99
    Heartgard Plus Dog(blue) $28.67
    Heartgard Plus Dog (Green) $33.28
    Heartgard Plus Dog (Brown) $38.28
    Revolution 2.6-7.5kg(blue)3pk $34.25
    Revolution kitten/pup(pink)3pk $34.99
    Revolution Puppy/Kitten 15pk $156.37
    Revolution 2.6-5kg(purple) 3pk $39.47
    revolution 5.1-10kg(brown)3pk $41.12
    Revolution 10.1-20kg(red)3pk $44.54
    Revolution 20.1-40kg(teal)3pk $48.26
    Revolution 2.6-7.5kg(blue)6pk $64.03
    Revolution 2.6-5kg(purple)6pk $76.71
    Revolution 5.1-10kg(brown)6pk $78.94
    Revolution 10.1-20kg(red)6pk $85.63
    Revolution 20.1-40kg(teal)6pk $92.70
    Proban Tablets 100pk $57.34
    Proban Tablets 50pk $39.24
    Sentinal Chews Brown 6pk $64.03
    Sentinel Chews Green 6pk $68.51
    Sentinel Chews Yellow 6pk $74.46
    Sentinel Spectrum Blue 6pack $81.46
    Interceptor Brown Xsml $28.30
    Interceptor Green Chews 6pk $32.76
    Interceptor Yellow Chews 6pk $37.98
    Interceptor Blue Chews 6pk $43.94
    Drontal Cat-2tabs with adaptor $13.19
    Drontal Allwormer cat 4 tabs $22.12
    DrontalAllworm Suspen-pup 30ml $15.64
    Drontal Sml Dog 3kg 4 tabs $10.88
    Drontal Med Dog 10kg 2 chews $12.74
    Drontal Med Dog 10kg 5 chews $25.77
    Drontal Lge-Dog 35kg 2 chews $31.28
    Drontal Lge Dog 35kg 50 Chews $598.65
    Drontal Sml Dog 3kg 50tabs $109.45
    Drontal Med Dog 10kg 100 tabs $489.19
    Drontal Med Dog 10kg 20 Chews $96.51
    Drontal Lge Dog 35kgx70 tabs $891.26
    Advocate Small Cat 4kg 3pk $32.99
    Advocate Puppy 3pk $40.74
    Advocate 4-10kg 3pk $42.90
    Advocate 10-25kg 3pk $45.95
    Advocate >25kg 3pk $51.45
    Advocate Small Cat 4kg 6pk $59.73
    Advocate 4-10kg 6pk $78.18
    Advocate 10-25kg 6pk $85.27
    Advocate >25kg 6pk $93.98
    Felix Cat Paste $10.43
    Muscaban 500ml $24.43
    Nutrigel 200ml $11.48
    Epi-Otic 120ml $8.57
    Epi-Otic 237ml $13.24
    Epi-Otic 500ml $21.96
    Sasha's Blend 250g $51.84
    Capstar 11 Blue Small $15.26
    Capstar 57 Green Large $17.89
    Profender Allwormer Cat $19.36
    Profender Allwormer Lge Cat $21.85
    Popantel Cat 50 tab $199.87
    Popantel 10kg 100tab $258.22
    Popantel 40kg 50tab $393.52

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