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Thread: Black German Spitz for Rehome

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    Default Black German Spitz for Rehome

    Hi all,
    I am posting to see if anyone is interested in a black german spitz named Maxi. He's about 9 months old, doesn't have breeder papers, is desexed and in very good health. He belongs to my flatmate, and unfortunately they have personality differences while I am not a "dog person" and he wishes to give him a home that will truly suit the little fellow. He is a good natured dog, and responds well to training and attention. Would suit someone willing to put in a little time for playing and love!

    Asking $200 ono to cover the medical costs (vaccinations, dexsex etc) that my flatmate has had since he got him as a puppy.

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    Default Correction

    Sorry, housemate has requested $250...

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