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Thread: Female Purebred Chihuahua

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    Default Female Purebred Chihuahua

    Here is a long haired female purebred chihuahua for sale.
    She does come with papers.
    She is a gorgeous puppy and she is 5 months old.
    I dont have a choice i have to get rid of her (reasons i can explain if interested in her)
    She is very affectionate and very very playful.
    She is very good with children she adores my 2 little ones.
    She is in perfect health and very spoilt and looked after.
    She is registered and microchipped so i am happy to transfer it all over.
    I tried to take pictures but she thinks im playing so its hard to get her to sit still but these ones show how pretty she is.
    Welcome to come and have a look at her first.
    Anything else you wanted to know just message me and i can email you back.
    Just want her to go to a loving home as its devistating for me to have to give her up.
    We are located in vic
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    sorry i forgot to check back lol
    im in Boronia
    and yes she is a gorgeous gal

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    Thanx but it isnt as simple as that

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    What a pretty little girl.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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    I have a friend in Sydney who may be interested. Let me know if you don't find anywhere for her.

    So sorry you have to give her up.

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    Just lettin everyone know she went over the weekend.
    Broke my heart
    She went to an older lady who has 7 of her own and she doesnt live to far so at least i can visit.
    So quiet around the house without her

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    I am so sorry you had to rehome her, you must be devastated. At least she isn't far away and you can visit. Not much of a consolation I guess. Hugz to you.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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