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    I have some beautiful Yorkshire puppies available right now in my kennel showroom,Vacc, wormed, papers. They are 6 in number and they are 7 weeks old each.
    Yorkshire terriers are excellent watchdogs, readily alerting their family when
    strangers approach. Yorkies willingly share their homes and
    families with other breeds. They are primarily indoor dogs but, since
    they are terriers at heart, they can live a rugged outdoor terrier
    They're very CUTE puppies waiting for someone to take them home!
    Please ask for any further information or photographs i would be happy to help further.

    Daniel White.


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    Morgan, I will wager this is a scammer.

    The same number is used to sell a variety of things all with different addresses.

    A phone shop

    msn chat:

    Phone World Stores
    60 Lower Mall
    W6 9DJ

    A bike shop;

    Bikers Gallery
    10 Fulbourn Road Cambridge,
    CB1 9JN .
    United Kingdom.
    Phone: +447024014219

    A furniture shop;
    Global Furnitures L.T.D
    331, Nottingham Rd,
    NG16 2AP
    Tel: +447024014219

    And there are more.............. can we delete this so we don't help them to scam.
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