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Thread: For sale Natural pet health care products

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    Forget it
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    Default Arthritis relief for my bluey

    I never made any claims that it cured anything. I said it helped my dog and last time I heard I was allowed an opinion.
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    Complementary animal health products: guidelines for veterinary herbal and marine-derived remedies | Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

    If you are making health claims for your product, for example that your product will fix diseases in pets, you need to produce scientific evidence that it actually works.

    This includes for vet products.

    If you are suggesting you have a product that relieves or fixes

    Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia?
    Anxiety or stress?
    Skin or coat conditions?
    Digestive problems?
    Motion sickness?
    You can't import things like this either.

    And natural does not mean side effect free or safe. There are plenty of perfectly ordinary natural garden plants that will kill a dog if they eat it.

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    Its Aussie spam - so it's allowed in the products for sale section under Morgan (site owner) current guidelines.

    If he doesn't come back and answer the questions in the next week or so I may delete it anyway.

    It might be something that's all legit and has the scientific double blind large sample studies or it might not. I don't know at the moment. So I give him benefit of the doubt for the moment. And ask questions.

    People who believe that "natural" cures all - are not going to be influenced by anything we say anyway.

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