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    Hi guys, by no means am I a store or have any kind of store or business. In saying that I do have friends in the dog toy business and am able to get kong and other toys at cost price.
    I only started getting products for myself and to help out friends. The world of pet toys is over priced and most people although they would love to, just can't justify the money they charge.
    The items are not stolen and come with original packaging. I am purchasing these myself and selling them on at what most stores call there cost price.
    If anyone is interested please let me know, il add some examples of my items.

    Kong wubba camo XL - $20
    Kong wubba camo L - $15
    Kong squeaker bear on/ off switch L $12
    Kong extreme (black indestructible)
    L $16
    XL $22

    I also have jolly balls and most kong products available. I have pets myself and can give you my honest opinion on what I think of each product as I have seen personally their durability. I also have had feedback from friends and family on all items sold.
    Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    One of my friends would be interested in the zoom groom. I buy something similar from equestrian supplies for about $5 tops but the zoom grooms cost $20+

    The wubbas - don't last very long even with all supervised play with my dog, but the black kong is ok. As long as it still has some frozen food in it.

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    What wubbas have you had in the past? also what is your dogs breed? my rottie has has a bubba for months and still no rips or tears. the black kong is ok? i still haven't heard of a dog destroying one!! a friend of mine has a malamute the size of a bear and the kong ultra is still going strong after 2 years. they are not made to completely keep your dog entertained, but give you a toy you can play with your dog and not have to replace every couple of days.
    as far as the zoom grooms i have no knowledge of them but will look into them and see what they are about and how much i can pick them up for.

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    Hi Calypso,

    I'm interested in the "Kong Extreme L". How much shipped to Adelaide 5007?
    Thanks! Saki

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