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Thread: Lost Pet Finders can help find pets - for a fee.

  1. Default Lost Pet Finders can help find pets - for a fee.

    Hi Everyone,
    We know what it is like when you lose a pet. My dog that recently went to rainbow bridge went missing a couple of times and the sinking feeling in my gut is something that I never want to experience again. That's why I created Lost Pet Finders.
    We can call people in the neighbourhood, send SMS and email alerts to pet professionals and our members which currently total over 10,000 across Australia.
    A recent client wrote this about us:

    Our dear, dopey dog escaped from his home over the Australia Day long weekend. It’s bad enough when a dog disappears, but even worse on a holiday weekend, when councils are closed and everyone is on voicemail.

    My young daughter and I spent three fruitless days searching for him, both online and offline. We contacted all the open shelters, we posted Lost Dog notices around the area, even letterbox dropped flyers around the surrounding streets. We also travelled to the major Melbourne weekend shelters – the RSPCA, and the Lost Dogs Home – in the futile hope that they had overlooked something.

    Nothing made any impact.

    We pinned our chances that come Tuesday, the council pounds would be open again, and the dog would be returned to us.
    By midday, that expectation had been all but destroyed.

    In desperation, I stumbled across the Lost Pet Finders site. Immediately, I joined up, and went through the process of posting information about the dog. The network looked impressive, but in these days of internet scammers, I remained dubious that icons on a page were truly people out in my local community.

    The final step of the process involves posting a PET ALERT, the option involving having a set number of texts sent to the ‘network’ for a fee. Hmmm, more suspicion. Are they going to take my cash and I see nothing?

    But there seemed no other choice. The usual methods had failed me. So I reluctantly coughed up $50 and was told my pet’s details would be texted to about 200 members within a 5km radius from where the dog vanished.

    Less than 30 minutes later, my mobile rang from an unknown source. On the line was a Lost Pet Finders member, who had seen the e-mail and thought they had seen my dog. A man living nearby had brought him home from the pub over the weekend, and had been keeping him in his flat!

    I scribbled down the details, and rushed to the address. Sure enough, our dear, dopey mutt greeted me at the door. The flat owner had a disability, so whether he would have ever contacted council was debatable.

    The dog slept in my daughter’s arms last night, so a big hearty THANK YOU to LOST PET FINDERS, and especially for the $50 PET ALERT investment, which made all the difference to the outcome, in less than an hour.

    Undoubtedly, the best $50 I’ve ever spent.

    David VIC

    I post this not as an advertisement but to genuinely offer our help.

    Good luck.

    Pet Detective and Pet Rescue For Lost Pets | Lost Dogs | Lost Cats & Birds - Lost Pet Finders
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    I've moved this to the market place thread.

    I don't know anyone who is a member of this group and I regularly walk with many other dog owners at our local parks, beaches and dog clubs.

    I helped re-unite a dog and their owner - dog was found wandering on Australia Day Sunday. Same story - everything is shut. I posted a picture to the facebook page Lost Dogs of Adelaide, and to the local suburb promotion page. But the owner found the dog when they talked to their neighbour about how distressed they were about their missing dog. And that neighbour had seen on the next neighbour over - a sign announcing a found dog - which was the one - 3 doors down from its home.

    The dog had no microchip tattoo and no collar which made the job somewhat harder. But all these people needed to do was door knock the neighbours.

    When I first got my dog - I introduced her to all the neighbours so they would know her.

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    Microchips and name tags are a good investment! In the vast majority of cases, your dog will get found by someone who wants to return him to his owner.

    I don't know about this one. I don't think I would trust on the service having enough members in my area. What is in it for the members? I've never seen any requests to join anywhere? There are so many online networks already that can be used. Not just FB pages specifically for lost pets, but these days every urban and rural area has its own page too. Our local area FB page posts sightings of found or wandering dogs daily and has reunited quite a few with their owners that way ( and offered a way to lecture them if they are serial escapees or not microchipped, bonus!).

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    I looked at the website and some of the pets that are lost.

    One says their dog "got out last night", but it has her home listed as half way between Tassie and Victoria? The middle of bass strait!
    How the hell can that be right?
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    yeah some of it doesn't make any sense.

    The testimonials are mostly around Melbourne - with no dates on them.

    I looked at one in my area - the icon was not in the suburb listed in the details and the cat's name was "unknown" - how does that work - did the owner call the cat "Unknown" or was the cat listed as missing by someone who doesn't know the cat's name? WTF. And the icon was for a dog - not a cat.

    So I'd say the facebook page works much better. "lost dogs of Adelaide"

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