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Thread: Not your usual dog portraits! A cute modern new touch

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    Default Not your usual dog portraits! A cute modern new touch

    I'm a long time viewer but first time poster! The amount of times I've been caught out looking at this forum at work is ridiculous. But so worth it! So a massive thanks to everyone for sharing their stories, pictures and wisdom. I know for one that my dog has reaped a better life because of it.

    I've been a dog person for as long as I could remember. I've had my dog for 6 years and she's at this perfect mature level where she understands things so well and just loves life without acting up. I heaps of framed pictures at the workplace and home but I wanted something more. I like tattoos and have seen some pretty good jobs but I just wasn't sure, so I moved on to something less permanent, a portrait. I've seen so many awesome portraits but I couldn't find one that showed the quirky love that I shared with my pup.

    I came across this young lovely Brisbane (pretty sure she posts too) girl's art and called her up. She was friendly and loved how I insisted that the spots on Killuh's (my dog) face had to be perfect. Anyhow I was stoked with what she did and it didn't burn a hole in my pocket and I'm a student..

    So this is me giving a little something back and another big thanks to everyone so keeping this site thriving!

    You can find examples of her work and contract info at or click on the picture below. Sorry I'm not so good at this posting business!


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    welcome alnkilluh

    you might want to start a thread for yourself in the "introduce yourself" section
    Introduce Yourself

    and tell us a bit more about what you and your dog get up to.

    Note - if you are using work equipment and internet access to browse or post - your work will know about it.
    usually the it support (in house or outsourced) will provide the boss with a list of websites visited by which user/network node at what time.

    If you're the IT support - easy peasy but if you're not - just be aware and maybe check if there is any policy about internet access. Ie your boss might have a policy that so long as it's not porn, illegal or bullying - what you do at lunchtime is fine. Or your boss might have a blanket no personal use - in which case if they feel like downsizing for any reason ...

    If you use your own phone with its internet access - your boss doesn't get a report of that unless your co-workers are spying on you. .

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