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    Default Members marketplace and advertising rules

    This part of the forum is mostly intended for members advertising stuff they want to sell personally.

    We will accept the occasional post by an Australian business with pet related product available to Australians on the same basis as the signature rule.

    Note - if you have not yet made 10 posts, and you post here with your business links - your post will sit here waiting for approval from the moderators. If this hasn't happened after a couple of days - it may help to send one of the mods a private message with a link to your post. If you edit your post after it has been approved, and it has links in it - the forum parser will unapprove it and it won't appear until you remove your links (put spaces before and after the dots perhaps) or a mod approves it again.

    If your post generates spam complaints from other members - it may be deleted.
    Australians wishing to advertise their dog and pet related business in their signature - can so do if they put a link to on their web page first.

    We might check but actually this particular rule is very hard to enforce. I leave it to Morgan who owns this forum.
    (this rule was added on 4th June 2013)
    Note - if there a discrepancy between the rules on the forum rules link and here, the ones on the link take precedence as we update them first.

    If you want to rehome a dog, there is a separate part of the forum to do that, and we recommend charging a fee that covers the cost of desexing and microchipping.

    If you want to advertise puppies for sale - we expect you to be able to show that you comply with the RSPCA responsible companion animal breeder guidelines. Puppies should not be rehomed under 8 weeks old, and all should be microchipped. This is the law in some states. Mostly if you comply with item 1 - you would not need to be advertising for puppy homes.
    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase
    1. Conscientiously attempt to match the demand of animals with the supply
    which we interpret as - you don't mate your dogs unless you already have a list of people who want to buy them and aren't going to say "we've changed our minds" when you ring them about the actual puppies.

    If it is an ANKC registered puppy - there should not be an extra fee for papers as all puppies from ANKC registered parents should be registered and microchipped also. As far as we're concerned "registered" or "pedigree" means with the ANKC (not your local council).
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