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Thread: Found.. Cattle Dog Puppy

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    Default Found.. Cattle Dog Puppy

    I'm looking after a little cattle dog puppy that I'm pretty sure was dumped, but I'm putting it out everywhere just in case. If you've lost this little girl from SE Brisbane, please post here.

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    You're unlikely to find anyone here who would lose a little pup (unless it was stolen), but good on you for putting it out there.

    Hope the pup will find a good home.

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    Yes, I know Beloz, but I can't possibly keep her here and I'm trying absolutely everything. And you just never know.. she looks healthy enough. The neighbours found her and, at the time she was throwing up and behaving quite ill and they have two tiny puppies, so they couldn't keep her at their place. Now that she's rested, hydrated and fed, it's as though she owns the place

    She's only about 4 months old and already she has her eye on my cat in a big "I'd like to round you up" way.

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    Contact your local pounds and let them know so if someone calls looking for their pup they can contact you.

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    Have you taken her to the vet to get scanned for a chip?

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    Trust me, I've done the lot.
    There are no vets anywhere even vaguely near that are open on a Sunday late arvo. It will have to be first thing tomorrow.
    I've contacted the pound closest to where she was found by email and have sent her photo and details to the RSPCA so she should be listed there soon (it took 90 minutes to be answered at the RSPCA.. they are so incredibly busy!)
    I've checked all the online lost and found sites but I don't like listing on just general free lost and founds sites myself as I may get people who are simply after a free puppy.

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    Hopefully tomorrow when you take her to the vet they find a chip.

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    Good for you for trying....if she vomits again, she might need to be checked as to wether she has Parvo.

    Hope you find the owner soon and hopefully someone is missing her and she was not just dumped.

    Do you have a radio station nearby that allows announcements. that is often a good way too.

    And maybe the local newspaper, a quick ad. hough they charge.

    Thank you for caring
    Pets are forever

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    Yes, the reason I took her from my neighbours is because they have puppies and I was concerned about Parvo. I have her isolated in a really easy to clean environment, but she has picked up enormously so I think she was on her own a while and became stressed, hungry and dehydrated.

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    Your local council can be very good at re-uniting lost dogs with their owners.

    That's what you're supposed to do, though I suppose it would be good to go to the vet too to check for microchip - the council rangers have scanners too.

    And the shelters are usually excellent at finding homes for puppies - most of them never get listed on the websites.

    And there is a specialist Australian Cattle Dog rescue - who also might be worth contacting.

    Australian Cattle Dog Rescue

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