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Thread: FOUND Sharpei Male Success WA

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    Hi Guys,
    just writting to notify we found a Male Sharpei Last night in the Success area in Perth WA 6164.
    No collar and took him to vet and no microchip.

    The owner prob isn't on this site but maybe someone who knows the owner might be?

    He is unsteralised and very timid. the lady from murdoch took him in but probably going to council today.

    hope he finds a home

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    I'm not sure there are many WA people on here. Your best bet would be a few of the facebook lost and found pages. Perth pets - lost and found has quite a large following. Also try putting a found ad on gumtree and ringing a few local vets to see if anyone is looking for the dog. Fingers crossed you find his owner!

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    I'm from Perth and go to Murdoch uni so will ask around!

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