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    Last night while my son and his wife were driving home after dark they noticed up front there was something there.
    As they got closer they seen it was a little Kelpie about the 8 to 12 month range. They stopped the car and my son called to the dog who came running over to him wagging his tail.
    So they bundled him up and took him home with them as they didn't want him to be run over or cause an accident, (seeing he is now a cop there).
    So as soon as they got home the rang the council hotline or something like that and a dog control officer came out and got him.
    They can't keep him as they have got a large greman Shepard now and a bay on the way to. The collar had no information on it so they where stuck in a hard place.
    They didn't want the dog to go to the pound but had no choice in this.
    I think the good thing to come out of this is that the dog is safe for now and no one got hurt.

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    hopefully the puppy is microchipped

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    I don't know if he has any way to find out now that it has left ther house.
    But I really hope that it does also.

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    That reminds me that I need to get a tag for my dog! And get her registered in the ACT, but the adoption paperwork is still not finalised.

    Here in the ACT you can call Domestic Animals Services when you find a dog and they will then check their database to see if anyone has lost a dog of that description and get them to contact you and pick up their dog from your place. I once used it when I found a dog and it's a great service. It's good if you can bypass the pound. Of course if no one reports the dog as lost, there's nothing much else you can do.

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    Beware dog pound workers who dont want you to have your dog back!
    Mine was micro chipped, but when i called to see if my dog had been handed in, told nope.
    Following day, i drove around to each pound, found him in the one who had said that no rotties had been handed in. He'd been picked up 15 mins from my house, and taken directly to that exact pound. When questioned, the manager said that what she meant was 'no un microchipped rotties were there', the one she had was not microchipped. (ours was) This turned out to be coz her friggin machines' battery was dead!

    She would only agree to let my dog come home with me, when he knocked her flying to get out to me, and the assistant manager said, i told you, this is the owner! Now do you believe me? And once she'd replaced battery, and it went beep and thus i could prove this was my dog. Glad it did, coz with all that emotional turmoil overnight, no sleep, i was ready to just use my dog to get both of us out of that pound!


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    Our neighbour lost his collie for over two weeks and rang and made regular trips to the pound but could not find him. Eventually he was found wandering the streets and bought in by a officer and he was uploaded onto the website where my neighbour saw him and contacted the pound. Then he was told that somebody else was trying to claim the dog, so poor dog had to spend a week in the pound whilst they tried to figure out who's dog it was. Dog wasn't registered or micro-chipped and both parties had photos of "their dog". I know he got the dog back eventually & it was his dog (skittery but friendly thing) i think he got friends and family as well as their daughters school teacher to act on their behalf but i'm not sure how the pound came to the conclusion that it was his dog.

    Micro-chipping your pet as a means of identification along with contact details would have saved so much hassle in this case.

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