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    Default Dog Stolen

    Dog Stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am so desperate now and only want my three dogs back. The three dogs were stolen directly from my premise. One of our neighbour spotted a car parked by our house in the middle of night and tried to get the dogs out. On that night, my dogs did not do what that person wanted them to do. The next morning (around 10am) when everyone is out for work, another car came by and parked in front of my house. This time my neighbour saw it was a red four wheel and the lady has got a border collie already on board. That lady called my dogs out and forced them into her car. My neighbor felt suspicious and approached that lady. The lady pretended to know us and said she would leave a note in our mailbox. The result is all my three dogs were taken away. Please help us find my three families. My family is not complete without them. Thank you very much!!!! My name is WINNIE and my contact no. 0451531889



    #1 SPONDEE Breed: Australian Shepherd Sex: Male Age: Almost 2 years old Microchip #:985121006775376
    He is extremely friendly to anyone and likes to twist his body when people call his name.
    Last seen: 17th of March Nearby: Belmont, Manly, Wynnum, Morning side, QLD, Australia

    ???? 2011-03-17 11.22.47 AM.jpg

    #2 YAPPY Breed: Border Collie Sex: Male Age: Almost 3 years old Microchip #:982009106012451

    He is like a prince and lives in his own world. The hair length under his neck is long and he doesnt like to drink water. Loves to drink chocolate flavored puppy milk.
    Last seen: 17th of March Nearby: Belmont, Manly, Wynnum, Morning side, QLD, Australia

    ???? 2011-03-17 11.23.46 AM.jpg

    #3 DeeDee Breed: Australian Shepherd & Border Collie Mixed Sex: Male Age: Just turned 1 year old last month
    He has got very long legs and a long tail. Love to swing his tail in circular shape when he is happy.
    Last seen: 8th of March Nearby: Belmont, Manly, Wynnum, Morning side, QLD, Australia

    ???? 2011-03-17 11.23.01 AM.jpg

    Please help pass this note around if you happen to live in Brisbane or know anyone who lives in Brisbane

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    *hugs* I hope they are returned safe and sound asap

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    That's a shocker! I do so hope they are found. Every owners worst nightmare.

    Have passed on to friends and family in Brissie and surrounds.


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    A pity the neighbour did not get the licence plate.

    I don't understand why anyone would do this. Hopefully the police will figure it out if their resources permit. You might also want to contact the airport freight terminals and check if anyone has tried to fly any of them out.

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    Every dog lovers worst nightmare....I so hope you get your dogs back have passed pics on to my relalives in Queensland. I do hope someone will see them
    Pets are forever

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    Default Hey guys, we found two back

    Thanks guys, two of my dogs are back. They were taken by illegal breeder around the nearby neighborhood. I think that illegal breeder was intimadated by my posters on the street and finally gave them in. The person from animal shelter did say the lady turned them in looked suspicious but they can do nothing about it.

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    It's great news you have two back, but why would she return 2 and not 3? That seems strange! Did you get the two back that were microchipped?

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    I am so glad to hear you got two back.

    Like Shelby said weird they only returned two.

    Umm when dogs are handed in the shelter usually take all their details and check their license and copy it. Did they do this???

    If so the police should be able to get the information from the shelter and follow it up.

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