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Thread: Please Help - Lost Pug

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    I hope you find your baby Rosie! I don't know anyone in WA sorry otherwise I would ask them to keen an eye out. Good luck.

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    No word yet, not even a single phone call still. Someone somewhere must know something. Try typing " Rosie lost pug Kelmscott" into the Google search engine and see what happens lol, i've just about flooded the internet with messages. I don't own a car so i've been letting the Web and telephone do my driving (Christ only knows what my phone bills gonna be like not to mention advertising). Hopefully some word soon.
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    Im hoping some awful person has found her and decided she's an early Christmas present....
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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    Im hoping some awful person has found her and decided she's an early Christmas present....
    Hoping ?....I'm not...I'm hoping I get her back.

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    Still no word?
    I am so sorry, not a great chrissy for you...................

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    Not even a single phone call.

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    I'm so sorry

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    I guess there is no good news yet..........Hoping someone has just not made contact with you yet, but has her safe
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    I was hoping to see a happy reply,so sorry you havn't heard anything yet

    When the*insert unspeakable names* let The Choppa Dog out of the backyard,it was also like he'd just dropped off the face of the earth.He was gone for weeks and we were going quietly mad with worry.We changed our flyers to offer a substantial reward and next day , bingo!

    So dont give up hope yet
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    Yes I agree with chop never give up hope.................... I have some amazing reuniting pet & owner stories from doggy rescue yrs ago. 1 lady got her maltesse back after reconizing it on their website after dog had been missing over a yr.

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