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Thread: LOST Dog in S.A,help Me Find Her

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    No,no microchip either,just relying on word of mouth & the internet to get her back.If/when i get her back my dogs will definitely be seeing the doc to get microchipped.

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    Let us know what happens

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    I will,hopefully someone likeminded to me & the people on this forum,will find her.

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    Get out there with some posters! Put them up on street corners in your suburb and ask if they can be put in shop windows like service stations, corner shops etc.

    Hope you find her soon!

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    Yeah thats on my list of to do things for tomorrow,going to make up a flyer on the computer tonight then go run off a bunch of copies & yeah put them up in the local shops & in peoples letter boxes.

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    I would really appreciate it if anyone who looks at this thread could copy the link into anyother forum your a member of.

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    Have you tried dogzonline?

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    Not yet going to google it now.

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    Bump! Still no news,but heading down to the newsagent when it opens to photocopy my flyers then start the letterbox drop.

    Also joined dogzonline but looks like its going to take a while as its one of those forums that requires admin approval before you can post & who knows how long thats going to take.

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