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Thread: Found, Female AmStaffy, Seven Hills

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    Members on here have offered you good sound advice, which you choose to dismiss and be rude. You make alot of assumptions yourself about the original owner- Like i said i live in the area and havent seen anything listed from yourself in regards to finding her apart from this forum thread. If there is please prove me wrong and show me where you have advertised that you have found her either through local papers/internet/dog pounds/forums which you have stated?

    And yes, technically, by not handing the dog in, by law, you have stolen her and can be prosecuted as such.

    If you are here to be rude and argue then their is no real point to anyone replying any further to this thread, is there?

    Many points have been made by myself and other members, but you choose to argue back on every single point and you yourself making assumptions and presume the worst of her owner- irresponsible, negligent, slack- how do you know this to be true? do you have actual proof?

    So, if your current story is true regarding the dog could have been wondering for a while –She very well could have been stolen and then dumped (Possible reasons being that she may be desexed and unable to be breed from, thus no good to the thief. Or where she was stolen from she was heavily advertised and thus the thief decided to offload the hot property elsewhere. Both of which do and have happened). Just one possibly but you make the assumption that this isn’t the case either but that her owners are horrible horrible monsters.

    And to be honest i feel you are now adding things to your story such as she is scared of brooms to put yourself in a better light, is isnt working for me. (Reason why i dont believe this is in my first post said she does look to be well cared for, only now 4 pages on is she now look to be treated as if she was abused)

    You are going round and round in circles, if you put handed her into the pound as EVRYONE has said and left your name on her in case she was unclaimed as EVERYONE has said, No, she wouldnt be dead! Dont try and play that sympathy card, please! So, If you had no intension of keeping her in the first place, what exactly is the gripe? Apart from your ridiculous argument, Oh shed be dead! No, as said you could prevent that yourself.

    And just for the record no we aren’t a whole bunch of Anne followers LOL! I actually have never met Anne, had a personal conversation with her either via a forum or email or anything alike. I see Anne around on forums that I frequent (Sometimes even in threads I am replying to) so know of her expertise and how highly she is regarded by rescue groups, nothing more nothing less than that.

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    Ok, once again I think that it's great that you and your son got the dog, took it in where it was safe, made the effort to find the microchip etc. That's all great!
    I just think you should have gone through the right channels afterwards.

    In re. to door knocking - yes I'm sure your son had a hard day, and it's the last thing he needed at the end of the day, but that's life!

    It's really not such a silly idea! I've done it before, with dogs, rabbits,kittens.
    One of the places was a building site too. Just the other day i was out doing a quote for a customer when i saw an American Stafford walking around looking lost. I knocked on someones door to see if they'd seen it around the neighbourhood before. Ended up being their neighbours dog....
    If however i was unable to find out where it was from, i too would have taken it home out of harms way but overnight only. I would have gone through the right channels and most probably offered to adopt the pooch if no owners were found.

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    Default hi

    whoa very nice quality staffy,i hate how staffys get stolen so much.looks almost like mine but mine is older

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