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Thread: Female dogue de bordeaux puppy stolen from a brisbane greencross vet

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    Default Female dogue de bordeaux puppy stolen from a brisbane greencross vet

    Attention everyone:
    There has been a 10 week old Dogue de Bordeaux puppy stolen from the Greencross Moreton Vet Clinic at Redbank Plains. She is a sick puppy and is under veterinary care and she needs to be returned to a vet ASAP. The police, all the Vet clinics in Ipswich and Brisbane areas have been notified. We don`t care where you return it but it needs medical attention ASAP. She is a desexed puppy, so therefore is of no use to anyone looking to breed. She has been microchipped. If anyone has the puppy or knows of its whereabouts or has any information at all please contact me on 0405 749 005 or 32946919. She is a puppy of a dear friend of ours. Please everyone share this status and get this puppy the attention she needs and return to her rightful owner

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    Fingers and paws crossed for a safe return.

    A new low for humanity
    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.”
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    How awful to put your pup in the vets, and have it stolen.


    fingers crossed they hand it back.

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    I will keep an eye out as I live nearish to that vet. That's just sad and I hate to say if someone's low enough to steal a dog from a vet, then I don't think they're going to care much about its health. Is there any identifying features about this pup, like a white patch on its chest or anything?

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    I am keeping an eye out for pictures, as soon as i see one posted i will put it up on here for you all. It is definitely a new low for humanity, what kind of person would steal a sick puppy? I will keep everyone posted on any updates i hear about.

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    Hi everyone, i just checked for a photo and they have put one up and here it is attached. Keep an eye out if any of you are in the area.

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    Hoping the puppy get found.......
    Pets are forever

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    This is very sad ! This poor little pup !

    Heaps and heaps of the following:


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    I just can't understand how a pup can be stolen from a vet's surgery .... how could this happen without staff noticing?

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    I thought the same thing Grevillea.

    Its disgusting that someone could stoop that low....I"m betting they dont know the pup was desexed.

    ps; have shared via facebook.
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