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    Default barking!!!

    We just adopted our little german spitz x pomeranian dog, even though they told us his a pup he isnt his now in the terrible teenage years lol.

    Each time he sees a brooms stick or if anyone including the neighbours use a broom he goes all wild & tries to attack it. Recently, I found out the previous owner use to "train" (more like abuse!) this little pup & I have a feeling a broom was a weapon used.

    Now Im trying to train or teach him that the broom isnt a weapon, i purchased a broom to keep lying around in the back near his kennel. At first he attacked it, but now he doesnt touch it UNLESS we pick it up to use it.

    Can anyone tell me what else i can do.


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    If he has been abused with a broom, or maybe taught to chase after the broom whilst working, you will have a hard time desensitizing the pup. All you can do is teach him it is a good thing by treating him with high value rewards everytime he does not bark at the broom. Take it slow and in small doses.
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    If it were my dog, I would do some training with rewards. Either food treats or throwing the ball or a game of tug. At first just reach for the broom and reward BEFORE he starts barking. Do that lots of times, then actually grab the broom and reward if he doesn't bark. Then progress to picking it up, etc. Timing and taking it really slow are essential here, but if you get it wrong and he does bark, just walk away. Then try again later. It will take time, but it may work.

    I did something like this recently with a JRT who attacked the vacuum cleaner. I used the throwing the ball as a reward because he isn't very food motivated.

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    You can also use two people, one with the broom and one with the dog on-lead

    Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) | Official site for BAT: dog-friendly training for reactivity (aggression, fear, frustration) by Grisha Stewart, MA

    It is the same as "look at that" or what is called desensitising.......And you can counter condition too with a word.

    It requires time and dedication, but can be done
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    great thank you everyone, i know a minor negative behaviour but it something I thought there was no hope for.

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