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Thread: Comparing a Mallinois to a GSD?

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    oooh wow, they sound amazing!
    And i begin to see the difference from the descriptions between working GSD and Malinois. I would use Schutzhund training if i were to have one. I like the training, my GSD loves it, and if Youtube is anything to go by, Mal's are better than GSD's.

    Perhaps i have grandiose ideas, fantasy, that perhaps one day....

    That destruction part. That sounds crap. And is the only off putting thing i have read above. and that's scary!
    thank goodness, i have a pup still, who has a couple of years to go of her own training, before we consider a new pup.
    Thanks for the info.

    Result: "stop dreaming shelle, you're too old to take this on".

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    I don't think the destruction thing is a real problem if you handle the dog properly. Steve's two mals have never destroyed anything.

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    Bernie I had a problem with Mina due to how she was raised. OK she went through some BS when she was a young dog but I have not had these problems for years and my dogs have access to the house of day. I let them have toilet rolls (theres a line for those) but invariably the chewed ones get left in my lap so I can throw them in the bin lol The thing about them is they are busy bodies. Total busy bodies. They have to know everything, they have to investigate everything and hence as ups that tends to translate to dragging things about or having a 'taste' lol

    Bernie if you're in Melbourne you're more then welcome to come down on a Saturday to my dog school in Geelong and come visit the Mals, they come with us to training.

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