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Thread: Toilet training in the winter

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    For overnight, I had my pup in the bathroom for the first few nights, and I think you said she's going on paper at the moment, so just count how many pees/poos she's done on average over night, and go off that. That's what I did. So say, my pup did 3 pees and a poop on average overnight, I loosely based it off that, so I knew he'd have to do at least 4 things a night. Because I had him in the crate though, I'd take him out every time he whinged, but it was very much a no fuss, take out side, ignore, back in crate off to sleep kinda thing since I didn't want to encourage whinging = let out of crate with attention etc. I started off every hour, then as I got more and more sleep deprived, sometimes I wouldn't wake up, so it kinda progressed from there to every few hours, then I got to 3 times a night and after about a week and a half he could go from 10pm to 6am, which wasn't so bad and a few more weeks of that and he can now go 10pm to 9:30am, I haven't really pushed it further than that though I would say at this stage he'd be able to hold it longer if he had to. I found he's a lot more reluctant to poop in his crate, but peeing he has less control over, he's had several peeing accidents, but never pooped in the crate.

    During the day is a completely different story, he doesn't seem to really get that outside is the place to go. However, I can't really make my partner be as on top of it as I try to be, he just kinda lets the pup wander around the house, play with the cat and almost always when I get home there's 3 pees and a poop somewhere in the house! Whereas when I'm home with pup, it's rare that he does anything.. except today he did a poop because I was busy hang up the washing and he was running around with the cat. But normally he's either on me, or being watched by me, and even if he so much as calms down a bit and sniffs something it's outside time. I have a feeling this is going to take a long time though, considering my OH isn't really trying very hard.
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    I' probably still take her put if she has wee'd during the 2 hours. I think they mostly poop after eating so I wouldn't wait for poos unless she has recently finished food.

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    If you are not already, use a crate next to your bed. She will dry up at night far quicker and you can then reinforce going outside by picking her up out of the crate and walking her outside.

    Ensure she does something before going to bed and initially she may get restless two or three times in the night. You need to wake up and take her out. This will quickly reduce to once a night and then all night. By 5 months my pups are dry from 11pm through to 6.30.

    Use the crate when you have to go out for a short while and when you are home tether her to you so you can watch for the signs she needs to go.
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