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Thread: Major setback - feeling a bit discouraged

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    Thanks - Belle is nuts about the ball so I can do that! The other thing I forgot to mention was that I switched her from Advance to Canidae because I thought that the corn might have been contributing to her symptoms. I don't see how switching to a higher quality food could cause more barking but that's the only thing that has really changed.

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    Food can make a difference. Just ask some mothers..some kids go nuts after they have had some type of foods, especially full of preservatives or red food colouring
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    Thanks - noticed that the my dog has flavouring/ colours which might be the problem - maybe I could feed half raw (morning) and the other half biscuits (night).

    Really appreciate posts from others - I don't really have anyone else to talk about this with - everyone thinks I'm crazy for 1. owning 4 dogs, and 2. doing so much for them.

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    I have nothing much to contribute because I never owned more than one dog and never had to solve issues with nuisance barking or extreme anxiety either. But I am 'listening' and I don't think you are crazy at all, but a stellar example of a committed dog owner.

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    i think you can get anti anxiety meds for dogs - a bit like valium for humans. You can, as a last resort, get a dog debarked. This is not a good idea if you want to take your dog to compete in dog shows. I met a dalmation the other day that barked and smiled a lot but the bark had no noise. So that would be nice for the neighbours. The dog didn't seem bothered by it. Not as much as I was anyway. I did eventually say hello to it with the owner's invitation and supervision.

    I'm wondering if there is some trigger to the barking - like possums, cats, neighbours going to work early etc. The possums and cats thing, the "look at that" technique may work to train a dog to ignore that kind of trigger. And barking can be habit forming, it's kind of self reinforcing for a dog - ie the more they can do it, the more they do do it. And that's hard to fix if you're not home. Hence the bed inside might be for the best in this situation.

    Good luck with your own health problems - that kind of stuff would freak me out. Not sure about my dog.

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    Thanks - I really think the issue is not being thrilled about being left alone - plus being the boss dog she might feel more stressed about this than the others. Yesterday she did ok with a feeder toy the only issue is that it's impossible to control who eats what and if she eats too much she'll be really energetic. There is a nook where I can leave her out of view of the other dogs with a toy - hopefully she would destroy that and the others would leave her alone - my boys tend to go to sleep and not be that bad, but my girls get bored (Panda is just bored, Belle is bored/ anxious). I saw the neighbours after their dog jumped the fence and peed on my washing line (he's alot bigger than my dogs) and they weren't worried about the barking so that was a relief, but I still don't like her doing it because it's not good for her or the other 3. I am trying to get a video of her barking (every time I do a video so far she's good) but when I catch her I will get a trainer.

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