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    so a while back i made a post about loyalty from my dog. Hes made some progress; i can bring him inside to my room and he wont jump around and he wont whine all the time when its just me and him. he does however lick a lot which bothers my family more than me. However i want some tips on how i can create a stronger relationship with him. I want to be able to take him outside of the leash and not have him run off. any ideas?

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    There are lots of threads here on how to teach your dog a reliable recall. It takes lots and lots of practice though. I was lucky that my current dog had a tendency to stay close to me even when I only just got her. So I was able to practice recall on walks off leash (but away from roads of course) straight away. This is rare though. And we did also do lots of practice at home. After 8 months I still give her a treat for coming when called most times. I want to have that association between coming and good things engrained in her brain for the rest of her life.

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    There are some articles here that may help. If a dog learns that all the good things in life come from you, you will have a very strong relationship.

    Dog Behaviour Articles | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    especially the ones on
    NILIF and TOT

    and anything that involves having fun with your dog: trick training (shaping), heel work including clever stuff, like sideways, backwards, circles, pirouettes (dancing with dogs), agility, fly ball, tracking...
    Does Your Dog Training Need a Shot of Joy? | Susan Garrett's Dog Training Blog
    The Possibilities in Dog Training | Susan Garrett's Dog Training Blog

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    Triangle of Temptation will have your dog looking to you for 'permission' for most things. And humans interpret this as loyalty i believe.

    I have used this method from 8 weeks with Bernie with Steve from K9 Force. Its in my opinion the BEST ever trick ive read and practiced in dog training.
    Whilst Steve is a far better dog trainer than a writer of english, take a look at his website, where TOT instructions are there freely for all.

    I love training in drive. For us non pro's, its a cheat sheet to rapid instant, as in first lesson - success.

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