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Thread: Discipline - Not Working!

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    Another thing you could do (if you don't already) is not make leaving a big deal. I give my two bones and then just close the door when I go. they see me leaving as good thing because they get yummies!

    Maybe get him a kong or treat ball that he has to spend time getting the stuff out. One of Bella's fav things is milk cartons, I put a cup of biscuits in and put the lid on and let her go to town, she loves it.

    Just remember you need to be persistent. Training takes a lot of time and effort.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Yeah I never have made a big deal out of leaving, I do exactly that, fill his food bowl, give him a treat some days, not every day, some i just rehand him the bone he had before or throw him a toy, then Im off.

    He has no interest in kongs, and doesnt like peanut butter, have tried them but he just prefers his bones and to throw his toys around.

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    its a static shock one
    Erm - static shock is still an electric shock. In SA you're not allowed to put a collar designed to impart an electric shock onto a dog. But the rules about them are different in every state.

    It's perfectly legal to buy and own one - you only break the law in some states if you put it on the dog. So I know quite a few people that use them for "invisible fences". But they come with a mile of instructions and if you don't train your dog what to do to avoid the shock - ie how to be quiet (or stay away from the fence) - they don't work any better than if you were randomly slapped for no reason. What would you do to avoid the slap if you didn't know why you were being slapped? And you would complain (bark)? I know I would. I know one dog that figured out how to stop the collar from squirting him was to bark continously until it was empty (flat battery). Not exactly what the owner was looking for.

    There is a device called a "manners minder"
    Manners Minder Remote Dog Training System

    which might work better for teaching your dog what you do want him to do, and keeping him amused all day, instead of just leaving a bowl of food out for him - that's called "free feeding", and it makes training your dog to do anything you want really difficult because they're never interested in what you've got, ie food they can help themselves, they don't get it from you.

    You might want to read some of the articles here, like Triangle of Temptation and NILIF.
    Dog Behaviour Articles | Steve Courtney Dog Training

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    you have a companion dog who first learned to deal with his pack separation anxiety by barking, now it's become a habit and self rewarding. They are not dogs that do well on their own at all and you have found that out. He doesnt need outside alone play time, he needs you guys. Get a dog door, put the rules of the house down when you're home, and when you're at work shut the doors to rooms he may damage things in but at least let him have the option to come inside which smells like you. Forced separation will be the trigger for his anxiety which turns into barking. He's sleeping inside because he's close and feels secure.

    As for the bark collar, unless it stops him barking all you're doing is zapping him and putting a bandaid on the real cause of why he's carrying on. I think a dog door will do a heck of a lot more then the collar, which may also be a trigger for anxiety - he felt anxious and alone and the worst he felt the more stims he kept getting, upping his anxiety.

    Toy/companion breeds are not outdoor dogs. Most dogs are not outdoor only.

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    ashleigh, this sounds like you're between a rock and a hard place.
    But on the right track as the night barking solution seems to be working.
    It does sound like some separation anxiety, and having a trainer training you is a great idea. Not so sure of the 'i'll take it, train it, then return to you' aspect of it, but hey ho. Desparate measures and all that.

    Perhaps you could negotiate a time line with your hubby. give me 8 weeks to crack it, then we re-home. Whilst you love this dog, if you cant crack this behaviour with a trainer in 8 weeks, then perhaps you dont have skills required and have been unable to learn them.
    Unconditional love is required to stop us murdering our babies for crying all night. Unconditional love is what's missing between your hubby and the dog.
    the fat lady sounds like she's singing in the wings, so id go all out now to conquer this problem, give it your all, teach that bark on command thing, as it is the ONLY way to stop dogs barking. Trainers from all methodologies use this. They are correct. You dont have to stress and worry about how to rid the dog of this behaviour, there is only 1 way. Teach him to bark, and teach him to shut the heck up once that's done.

    I feel for your situation. Its very stressful when our other halves put an ultimatum up 'its me or the dog'. Especially as you say, he's not been perfect himself over the last 9 years lol

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