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Thread: Advice on starting clicker training

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    I agree..i tend to use it when i am away from the, the sound, carries well. But yes is much easier
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    Yes.....I'm a professional certified clicker trainer. The very first thing to do is to condition your dog to the clicker. Do this by clicking and then treating 10 times in a row. Be very careful not to move your treat hand until after you have clicked.

    You can teach a new behavior either by capturing (catching your dog doing what it is you want to teach) or by shaping (building a behavior by successive approximations of the goal behavior).

    You only click once for each behavior. Then reward. Follow each click with a treat.

    In clicker training we use cues rather than commands. Commands are orders, whereas cues are opportunities for reinforcement - big difference. And yes, that is correct, you teach the behavior before naming the behavior, but you need to know when to add the cue.

    Since your dog already knows "sit," you have a couple of choices, you can either re-teach it using clicker training and give it a new name if the behavior isn't what you would like it to be - esp important if the name of the behavior has ever been associated with anything unpleasant. Or - you can start by teaching your dog a new behavior such as targeting. See this video: Clicker training: how to get started training your dog - YouTube

    I would recommend you get a good book on clicker training, such as from the Karen Pryor website, and/or find a certified clicker trainer to guide you in this process. Clicker training is highly effective and highly versatile but unless you understand and apply the principles correctly, it may not be any more effective than traditional training.

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    Dubuque dog trainer

    Welcome to Australia - gotta love the internet. I had to google Dubuque - it's in Iowa USA. Wow.

    professional certified clicker trainer
    I don't think we can get that here, unless you count Delta training certificates. Or NDTF. (Australian) National Dog Trainers Federation.

    For clicker training on the web - I also like Gary Wilkes website
    Gary Wilkes Clicker training (read the articles)

    And Susan Garrett's book "Shaping Success".

    And I've just started reading "how dogs learn" by Mary R Burch and Jon S Bailey.

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