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    Default Behind the scenes.

    Last night we attended the first class of advanced training and it was a eye opener....thats for sure.

    Only ten of us from the beginners class attended and a few others that have been doing this class for a few weeks. There where also a few others who have been members of the club for a long time and they helped out a bit here and there but they where really there to attend a short monthly meeting held after the course.

    We where all invited to attend the meeting if we wanted so i thought what the hell and went for a looksy. I had no idea the work these members do to organise the events such as agility courses and other events. Organising insurances, promotions, equipment, prizes, people to judge etc,etc... It was all pretty full on and the dedication these people have not only to thier dogs and clubs but to thier sport aswell is amazing. And this is just a small club in Bundy. The big clubs in the cities must be full of hard working members to make these events run smoothly. I had no idea what goes on behind the scenes. I'm finding it all kinda cool.

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    LOL....Thank you for taking note of the work that is done. I think some people think it just happens. I am our clubs secretary and hubby is the Vice president. plus we are both Volunteer Instructors and it is a heavy load.
    I am actually considering only doing Instructing after August. Organizing 4 breed shows, and Obedience trials, Agility trial and now Rally Obedience is hard yakka. And the abuse you get from the forever cranky member and sometimes the attendees is amazing.

    We are struggling to try and make our Club friendlier.........But it is hard, so many have been there forever and "we have always" and "this is how we always do it" drives me mad.

    Anyway, that is my rant for tonight...over and out
    Pets are forever

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