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he's a mix and match, we think hes got some boxer and a tonne of other stuff. hes pretty much a big pig dog, like the kind of dog a tradie might have. The problem with obediance classes is that when he sees another dog, he barrels them over and barks and yelps, and then the other dog gets angry and their owner gets angry. Hes not agressive he just doesnt know how to act around other dogs.
If he is doing that he needs to be on lead around other dogs. Some dogs might not react well to that - and he might react to their response and then things can get out of hand so fast.
Go to obedience training, but try and find one where it's quite structured and people can work towards titles. I have been to a few in my time and some are more of a social gathering where the dogs run the show, others are a little heavy on the discipline which I think can make it hard to form a bond with your dog.

Lots of good tips here.

How long have you had the dog for? Sounds like at the moment he's unsure of the boundaries and is just doing what he thinks is right. Now you might able to eventually have your dog off-lead, but you need control first. My dog has a perfect recall now, but he certainly didn't come that way, it took months (over a year). Do lots of things with your dog, but control what happens. Make him sit for his food, and look at you to get what he wants. Hand feed him meals making him look at you or doa trick for each piece - even if it's just something like taking the food gently. Don't let him have his favourite toys all the time. I put Sammy's favourite toys up on a ledge where he can see them, but only when I say can he go get one of his choosing. You wouldn't think it, but dogs actually love you more the less you give them to an extent - because then you're the leader and you're more important to them. Then they will want to work for you and with you, because you're their key to everything awesome in life. Right now sounds like this dog gets what he wants when he wants it, so what's the point of doing what you say? Dogs will always love their owners, hence he licks you etc, but if you want respect and for him to listen to you, you have to be the leader.