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Thread: Crate training - yay or nay?

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    I think they sound like a great idea but I did not bother with my dog in the end. I only very occasionally think: "Wish I had crate trained her". I very often think "Wish I had trained my old dog" though. It would have helped her anxiety heaps to have her own den.

    But Banjo is totally bomb proof. She also doesn't really mind being tied up - just lies down and relaxes.

    Camping is one place where I would have used it if I had one though. The first couple of nights we camp Banjo keeps darting out of the tent to chase the nocturnal wildlife - real or imagined. It is very annoying and I also don't want her to harm some rare bandicoot...

    But in the end my cost/benefit analysis swung towards the nay. Don't listen to me though because I have never tried them!

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    I have always used a cage trailer as a kennel. That way when we go camping, the dogs have a 'home from home' sleeping spot.

    Then with Pohm, i got a crate, which was to double as a crate on back of the ute.
    This is the first attempt at crate training. I was not impressed really. It slowed down toilet training a LOT. It did allow the pup somewhere safe to go so GSD big paws didnt tread on it. But other than that, a complete waste of money.
    It prevented learning from the other dog.

    Basically, it seemed like a good idea from what i had read on here. But i am rarely 'inside' my house when home, so who needs a crate in the back yard? We didnt, i think it pays to work out, when you will be using the crate, why you would want to separate your two dogs?

    But im glad i gave it a go. I can now make the informed choice that for me, and how i live with my dogs, its a waste of money.

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