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    I adopted a 2 year old staffy dog 4 days ago.
    She is an inside dog however hasn't been inside before and is not toilet trained.
    The problem was improving until today/last night where it hit rock bottom.
    She will not stop urinating on a carpet upstairs and will not go to the toilet when I let her out the back yard or take her out the front.
    She has gone in my house 3 times today when the back door has been open for 4 hours and ive taken her out twice.
    How do I fix this?
    I cannot tolerate this behaviour.

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    There are many threads on this if you care to look back through the pages.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Di's right. Just put "toilet training" in the search box at the top right and you will find lots of threads on this.

    But I did want to comment because of the words you chose to use. You talk about "the problem", "will not stop", "will not go" and intolerable behaviour.

    My dog was 8mo and had been an outside only dog when I got her. I do understand your frustration because I cannot think of many things I hate more than wee on the carpet.

    But... if you try to see this as you training the dog on what to do instead of thinking about it as her not wanting to do the right thing, it may get easier for both of you.

    From your short description, I deduct that your dog has no idea what is expected of her yet. What seems logical to you, makes no sense to her whatsoever. She was an outside dog, so for 2 years so she got used to just weeing whenever and wherever she wanted. She has no reason to think your house is different.

    You need to see this as training another trick. Like you would teach her to sit or shake. Lots of repetition and lots of rewards for doing the right thing. On top of that, you need to try to make sure she doesn't get a chance to 'make mistakes'. If she does wee on the carpet, it is not her fault and you should ignore it.

    If you believe that your dog is clever enough to learn but needs to do it at her own pace and with your help, you will get results. It will require lots of patience and some effort on your part, but it normally doesn't take that long for the dog to get it if you are consistent. I had to step up with my dog and we had one relapse after I thought she got it, but I didn't enforce it enough. But in the end it only took me a week or 2 and she hasn't peed inside since.

    I think the main thing that you will need to change is taking her outside more frequently and making sure she goes before you come back in. If you combine this with big rewards, you will see results fast. But check some of the other threads to find more detailed advice.

    Good luck.

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    There are many threads on toilet training......But my main thing to start would be not to give the dog so much freedom and put the dog on lead attached to you in the house.........Or contained within a small area. It takes a while for an outside dog to learn how to potty train. Patience and lots of rewards.
    When I go out with a potty training dog, I am boring........Until the deed has been done and then we will reward and walk around and have fun. But before the P's we just stand around and wait. this way the dog sees to the P's first and does it quickly to get to the fun and play/reward bit.
    And the important thing is to ignore the mistakes....Or if on lead, quickly interrupt, just saying quietly, outside, outside and rewarding heavily when completed outside
    Good luck
    Pets are forever

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    I would be extremely vigilant and watchful with this dog with many supervised toilet breaks during the day and maybe some during the night for the first week, for at least a whole month. Ie treat the dog as if it was a puppy and make sure you take it out and make sure you get something - don't assume the dog will go if you just put it outside and leave it. Not much chance of that if the dog is a bit anxious about being left alone (most staffies are like this).

    Lots of threads about toilet training.

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